Jonesy's Jukebox - Transcription Page

Jonesy's Jukebox 29th September 2005 Guest: Paul Cook

Paul Cook Visits the 'box 9th September 2005

This interview was first broadcast on Indie 103.1 LA and OC area and streamed on the Internet.

Paul: …Zolar X was it, yeah, with a track called…dunno. I can't read that. The writing's too small on the cd, there. Before that was The Avengers "The American In Me" was the album and the track was called, "The American In Me", yeah? So anyway, this is…

Slim Jim: Who is this?

Paul: This is Paul Cook, by the way. I just walked in the studio and Jonesy's…where's he gone? He's just gone to the restroom, is it, or the bathroom, the john, toilet…

Slim Jim: The loo.

Paul: The toilet.

Slim Jim: Kazi.

Paul: The kazi. So…just trying to bluff it 'til he comes back.

Slim Jim: It's good to see ya, Paul.

Paul: There he is. Yeah, I'm back again, yeah, before, before I go home.

Slim Jim: How long you here for?

Paul: Um, who's talking…Jim?

Slim Jim: Yeah.

Paul: Oh, it's Jim. (laughing) I dunno what's going on here.

Steve: (in the background, bossy) See, it harder than it looks, innit?

Paul: Well, yeah. You have to be really…I'm here 'til Sunday, mate.

Slim Jim: Oh, good. Let's go have lunch after the show.

Paul: It was good to see you at the party and everything.

Slim Jim: Yeah.

Paul: Great time.

Slim Jim: Jonesy had a great party. Have you exhausted that one, yet?

Paul: Yeah, have you spoke a lot about that a lot?

Steve: I didn't talk about it.

Paul: Your party, yeah. Who was there…

Slim Jim: Jimmy Saville, the guys from Oasis, the brothers were there…

Paul: Everyone dressing up and stuff as English guys, whatever.

Slim Jim: It was great. You got a nice house, Steve.

Paul: Yeah, where was it? Malibu.

Slim Jim: I liked the horses especially.

Paul: I think he just rented that out for the weekend to impress everyone. So um, that's it. What do we do now, then?

Slim Jim: He tries to plead poverty, Jonesy. But that was a nice house.

Paul: Whose was it?

Slim Jim: I thought it was his.

Paul: I'd better not say. I better not say. I dunno where he's gone. He's left us, innit? Now I dunno what to do. Play records…

Mr. Shovel: (waaay off in background) You can tell them...(?) the guitar.

Paul: Got a guitar for auction is it, or something?

Slim Jim: I've got to put my glasses on. This is too small for me, Paul. Maybe I can borrow yours.

Paul: Is it for auction, Shovel?

Slim Jim: Here we go. We've got an Alvarez acoustic guitar. Bob Weir model - Bob Weir from the Grateful Dead - that's pretty cool. And it's valued in the stores at $1400 bucks. All koa wood, it's got the pickup, handmade custom shop and it's been signed by Jonesy, Pat, Cookie, myself…

Paul: And anybody else who's going to come in…

Slim Jim: Anyone who comes in before it's…before it's finished and it's for a great cause.

Paul: Who else can come in to sign it. Sid Vicious, maybe?

Slim Jim: Sid Vicious might come, Glen Matlock's on his way.

Paul: Yeah?

Mr. Shovel: Right now, it's at a thousand dollars.

Slim Jim: Wow, that's awesome…of course it's for a good cause, for the poor folks in New Orleans.

Paul: And he's also got some trainers that he's auctioning.

Slim Jim: Yeah, that one I'm still a bit perplexed by, but…it's for a good cause.

Mr. Shovel: They're very rare.

Paul: Very rare trainers, everybody. Put some serious bidding in for them trainers.

Slim Jim: Jonesy was very happy. They're real, they're real Adidas, he told me.

Paul: What they got printed on the side of them?

Steve: (?)

Paul: Something…got "Steve Jones Special" on the side, what's that say?

Steve: They say, "The Man Who Can", "Jonesy's Jukebox" and "CFC" on the back, on the heel.

Paul: So get the bidding…

Slim Jim: CFC, that's for Chelsea Football Club.

Steve: Yeah, World Series.

Slim Jim: FA Cup, mate.

Paul: Is that the World Cup?

Steve: You gonna play a song, you going visit…

Paul: Or are we going for some Duke?

Steve: Say, "This is Cookie's Jukebox, we're going to visit the Duke".

Paul: This is Cookie on Jonesy's Jukebox, Indie 103. We're going for the Duke.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~
The Redwalls come into the studio for an interview and a few songs. Paul and Slim Jim come back into the studio.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Steve: Where did you guys go? You missed that band. They were pretty good, they were really good.

Slim Jim: Sat in the lobby for twenty minutes while your staff mistreated us.

Steve: Ah, it's crazy here today.

Paul: Yeah, it's getting a bit crazy in there.

Slim Jim: You've got a lot going on here.

Steve: It's mad…insane! So how much longer you out here for, Paul?

Paul: We're here 'til, just 'til Sunday. Yeah, it's been a roundabout. We drove out to the Joshua Tree the other day.

Steve: I've never seen you so tan.

Paul: Oh, yeah…it was a bit hot out there. I was wondering why there was no one around.

Steve: In, in Joshua Tree?

Paul: Yeah, 'til we got out of the car, and it was a hundred and ten degrees.

Steve: Did you see any wierdos walking around?

Paul: Yeah, people get a bit funny out there don't they, when you get out that way? "Deliverance" in the desert.

Steve: They get these squinty eyes out there…dodgy earholes.

Paul: It's a bit of "Deliverance" in the desert.

Steve: (starts pig-squealing) Weeee! Weeeee! Weeee! (general laughter in b.g.)

Paul: So we uh, got out of it pretty quick.

Steve: I love that movie. I feel bad for the guy, the one who had to "take it". He must get it every time he walks about, "What was it like?"

Paul: What?

Steve: No, not you. (more laughter) "What was it doing that scene where you're getting rumped by them incest blokes?".

Paul: At least Burt came…

Steve: Yeah, he saved them didn't he? (?) What're you up to, Slim? You still got your club being all remodeled?

Slim Jim: No that's done. That's been done for, for a long time.

Steve: No, I know, but are you making more dough cos it's remodeled or…

Slim Jim: Uh, I dunno. They raise the rent every time we start doing better, so it's um, okay.

Steve: The Cat Club.

Slim Jim: The Cat Club, 8911 on The Strip.

Steve: Next door to the Whisky.

Slim Jim: Next door to the Whisky.

Paul: Every Thursday.

Slim Jim: Well, we play every Thursday, yeah. Last night, myself, Gilbey Clark, Eric Dover and the gang was doing it.

Steve: Ain't ya glad you didn't go down there?

Slim Jim: (laughs) Yeah…

Paul: Where?

Slim Jim: Paul Cook almost came last night.

Steve: Almost.

Paul: It was well too late for me.

Steve: He called me for your number, so I knew he was serious. But he just didn't make it to the final furlough.

Slim Jim: It's the thought that counts.

Paul: Went home and collapsed.

Slim Jim: But uh, I've just been on the road.

Steve: With…?

Slim Jim: Just, I've been doing a trio on my own with a couple of English cats, Darryl Higham and Johnny Bowler and we've just been all over Europe this summer, which was cool. Went to Prague and Budapest and some place I'd never been before…

Steve: Liechtenstein?

Slim Jim: I think I drove through Liechtenstein. The principality of Liechtenstein.

Steve: It's a small gaff.

Paul: See any vampires?

Slim Jim: And that's it. Now we're doing Dead Men Walking with some guys that you know. I think that we're going to I think, come and see you next week.

Steve: No…Stray Cats?

Slim Jim: Hopefully next year.

Steve: Make some dough.

Slim Jim: Yeah. That'd be good.

Steve: I heard you're going to donate the whole tour to the New Orleans disaster.

Slim Jim: I'm going to use all the money to buy sneakers.

Steve: Yeah? Brylcreem.

Slim Jim: Real Adidas.

Steve: …shares in Brylcreem.

Slim Jim: Cookie and I were just talking about the old Brylcreem building in, on the way in from the airport in Heathrow. They closed it down. That's a bad sign.

Steve: I think that must have closed a hundred years ago, hasn't it?

Paul: Yeah. Cars were (?) all over the place.

Slim Jim: I had a tear in my eye when they were taking down the lettering.

Steve: Have you actually ever used Brylcreem?

Slim Jim: Sure.

Steve: You, you did use it.

Slim Jim: You know who's got Brylcreem in his bathroom? Glen Matlock. A jar of Brylcreem.

Paul: He's probably had it there for about thirty years.

Steve: He's got a ton…

Slim Jim: It might be there for show.

Paul: (?) Vitalis…

Slim Jim: It's good on the sides, Brylcreem. Not much hold. It's good for making the sides look greasy, though.

Steve: He's got about a ton of soap in there as well, I think. Feet soap. (U.S. accent) If you're listening Glen, we're only having a laugh! Um, what you been up to, Paul?

Paul: Hi Glen, anyway. How are you doing?

Steve: Do you think he's listening?

Slim Jim and Paul: We just called him, told him, told him to tune in. Spoke to him.

Steve: We love him.

Slim Jim: Yep.

Steve: All that rumor about Rotten and the sandwiches, its just rumors.

Paul: What am I doing? I've got this new little thing with, I spoke to you about it the other day, with Phil, from Def Leppard, this side project we're doing. It's called Man-Raze and I'm going to play it for you in a minute, hopefully. We've got tracks that we've recorded ourselves and going to release ourselves and see-how-it-goes kind of thing. Been producing a couple of things as well and my daughter Hollie's doing some stuff as well…

Steve: We'll give that a spin.

Paul: We'll give it all a spin in a minute.

Steve: Give it a go!

Paul: Give it a go…anyone out there, get their dough out. Get your checkbook out.

Steve: So, you having a good time out here?

Paul: Yeah yeah. It's been really great. Catching up with loads of faces and that. I didn't realize I knew so many people here, actually. Loads of Brits here…and Americans, of course, that we know, so…

Steve: Did you play drums on the uh, Def Leppard stuff?

Paul: Yeah yeah. Man-Raze stuff.

Steve: The mancheefrill stuff, yeah.

Paul: Yeah, yes, yeah. That's us playing it, yeah.

Steve: Excellent. Was it hard playing, not playing for a while?

Paul: Um, yeah, it takes a while getting back into it. But we've got a couple of gigs out when we get back home and gonna do some rehearsing and such.

Steve: Didn't you just flog a drum kit on ebay?

Paul: I didn't do it, no. Someone did, yeah.

Steve: But that was your kit.

Paul: Yeah, it was my old kit from the Pistols.

Steve: You got the (?)

Paul: No, no.

Steve: You didn't get the dough?

Paul: No, someone bought it years ago and they resold it to, I think - someone rang me up - Rock and Roll Hall of Fame bought it. My old kit.

Steve: How much they give you for it?

Paul: I dunno, I think they had to…how much, about fourteen grand or something. Not a fortune, but I think The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame bought it cos someone called me up from them asking if it was a genuine kit or not.

Steve: Was you gutted that they got a lot more money than what you sold it for?

Paul: Ah, yeah…I guess I should have held onto it, really.

Steve: You could have gave them to the New Orleans relief.

Paul: Yeah exactly, yeah. I could've well…

Steve: I heard you're giving your house to the New Orleans relief fund.

Paul: Yeah, and your place in Malibu.

Steve: Yeah, the one that ain't there, yeah. I'll see you down there. "I don't want him nowhere near me!" Um, so…you're going back Monday…

Paul: On Sunday, yeah. Back to Blighty. To the terror and the rain.

Steve: Ohh. You like it over there, don't you, Slim Jim?

Slim Jim: Sure, I love it.

Steve: You wouldn't live there, though.

Slim Jim: Um, I'd live there part of the time. Summertime is great, if I had a little flat, I'd love to go, yeah. Now, I just have a lot of friends that I doss with, luckily…

Steve: Yeah yeah.

Paul: It's okay, longer…it's you know, it's happening…

Slim Jim: Yeah, except the rain every day.

Paul: It's a happening place. It's just so crowded, gets cold in the winter.

Steve: So, you're a fan of T Rex?

Paul: Yeah, I am. Why?

Steve: I dunno…I believe you uh, picked a song.

Slim Jim: For your next selection…

Paul: It's my selection's coming up, by the way.

Steve: What is it then?

Paul: It's um, "Mambo Sun" innit, Shovel?

Steve: "Mambo Sun", off uh, "Electric Warrior"?

Paul: "Electric Warrior", yeah.

Steve: Have you seen that dvd that just come out on him? You know where it is, I think it was a show we was at. It was at Wembley Pool, it's a whole show and it's really good quality.

Paul: Is it?

Steve: Did you come?

Paul: No...I never saw T Rex.

Steve: I went, I went and saw them where we saw The Faces, at Wembley Pool. You know that little gaff? Where we saw The Faces and the Dolls.

Paul: Yeah yeah yeah. They've got, I'll tell you what they have we do see, is that, there's a tree. You know the tree, where he died? In Barnes, near where we live. The car crashed into it. It's like, it's like a shrine now, with all ribbons around it. And every year, on his birthday, people turn up there, you know and have a drink there…

Steve: I should go there, to nick some of the presents.

Paul: You shouldn't, don't drive a Mini when you go down there, though.

Slim Jim: (speaks at same time as Paul) You go past Eddie Cochran…

Steve: Don't drive a Mini…that's what he died in, right?

Paul: He was in a Mini, yeah. Instead of his Rolls-Royce.

Steve: I'll bet he was, I'll bet he was loaded, wunnhe?

Paul: Sick, yeah.

Slim Jim: He wasn't driving.

Paul: No, he wasn't driving, but he was in a Mini when he crashed into this tree.

Steve: You haven't got much hope in a Mini, have ya?

Slim Jim: No.

Steve: Not if you're going a hundred miles an hour.

Paul: Those big trees (naughty word here?) they don't move, them trees.

Steve: The, oak trees. Just swear, it's all right. (laughter from others) Maybe that's where that um, maybe that's where that song come from.

Paul: Which one?

Steve: "Tie A Ribbon Around The Old Oak Tree" (sic).

Paul: (laughs) I dunno about that.

Steve: You don't think so? Do you want to swear again?

Paul: Have I?

Steve: No.

Paul: I'm sorry.

Slim Jim: You punk rock guys…

Steve: He can't help it, see…he's a natural. (rings bell) Take it away, Mr. Shovel. (they go to music)
~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Steve: You're listening to Jonesy's Jukebox on Indie 1031 and that was all Paul Cook's selections there. A bit of Sparks, from an album, "Kimono In My House" (sic) and that track was…

Paul: "Here In Heaven"

Steve: "Here In Heaven"?

Paul: Yeah, very nice.

Steve: Great album, that is. And then we had The Slits, doing…who did that, originally?

Paul: "Heard It Through The Grapevine", Marvin Gaye, I think. That's the best, that's the cover version ever of it, I think.

Steve: You liked that, didn't you?

Paul: Yeah, I love that.

Steve: We started off with T Rex.

Paul: "Mambo Sun".

Steve: From an album, "Electric Warrior", track one. "Mambo Sun". Now, you're not going to swear any more, are you?

Paul: No, I promise.

Steve: You promise?

Paul: Very, very sorry.

Steve: Naughty boy, Paul. (?). Um, what did you think of The Professionals?

Paul: Um, what, our band?

Steve: Yeah.

Paul: That was a good band.

Steve: Did you like it?

Paul: Yeah, I don't think we did ourselves (Steve's mobile phone rings), who's that on the phone?

Steve: Hold on. (over phantasmal ringtone) Stardust. Moonbeams.

Paul: What's that? Is someone calling you?

Steve: (ringtone stops) Hello? Yes. How are you? I'm doing the radio, ain't I? I know, I know, but we're going 'til three cos it's a marathon thing. (to Paul) It's Vinnie Jones. You want to say hi?

Paul: Vinnie. Just say hi.

Steve: Yeah, just say hi to Paul.

Paul: You get on.

Steve: (hands Paul the phone).

Paul: Oh. Hi, Vinnie.

Steve: Just talk amongst yourselves out there in radioland.

Slim Jim: I saw The Professionals. I saw the original Professionals.

Steve: You mean the two guys on the uh, on the show, the tv show?

Slim Jim: Well, that, and then your band as well.

Steve: Yeah?

Slim Jim: With Andy Allen, when you were a trio.

Steve: Oh, yeah. But that wasn't the real Professionals.

Slim Jim: It was the original.

Steve: With Andy Allen, that wasn't…

Slim Jim: I remember the poster. It was all over London.

Steve: Was it?

Slim Jim: I'd kill for one of those posters.

Steve: With Andy Allen, the guy with long hair?

Slim Jim: Yeah. You and Cookie looking all punk rock with Andy Allen, who looked like Worzel Gummich.

Steve: Yeah. But the real, the real lineup was McVeigh, Paul Myers from Subway Sect…

Slim Jim: Right….

Steve: …and Ray McVeigh…

Slim Jim: …that was later though, right?

Steve: …and me and Paul.

Paul: (no longer on phone) What, Professionals?

Steve: He was saying the "first" with Andy Allen.

Paul: Nah…that was rubbish…that was rubbish.

Steve: But when, when did the real…the real Professionals started after that, right?

Paul: Yeah, when we recorded the album and stuff.

Steve: Yeah.

Slim Jim: But I remember those posters, those black and white posters with Andy Allen. He was all proud of those leather, flared leather pants.

Steve: It was actually, it was actually kind of a cool move, having a complete hippie in the band…at that time. You know what I mean?

Paul: Yeah, he just, just…

Steve: He was a wrong 'un though, wunnhe?

Paul: Yeah, we got rid of him and got him and got the proper…I mean, we didn't do ourselves justice recording-wise, I don't think.

Steve: Oh, I know.

Paul: I mean, the recordings, we were much better than that you know, live.

Steve: I thought he was, he was toilet, that bloke, the copper. What was his name? Wasn't he a copper? He used to be a copper didn't he, before he was a producer…

Paul: Producer…Nigel Gray, who done all The Police stuff, yeah.

Steve: See? The Police, see? (Slim Jim laughs)

Paul: He just used to run off, go horse riding, leave his assistant to it…out in the country, yeah, somewhere anyway…

Steve: Oh well. I was a mess.

Paul: Yeah, you'd run off and left us anyway, ditched us. No, you stayed in America, didn't ya? You've been here ever since.

Slim Jim: You went off "horse riding", too.

Paul: We went back home. You just stayed here and you've been here ever since.

Steve: Yeah, oh, when we finished that tour…

Paul: Yeah.

Steve: …and Steve English wanted to beat me up.

Paul: You've got that, him to thank for you staying.

Steve: I thanked him for that, actually. Cos I probably wouldn't have done it otherwise.

Paul: You've been here ever since, thirty years later, so there ya go.

Steve: Um, what was I going to say…did you have fun in the Sex Pistols?

Paul: First time round? Not really, no…I must admit.

Steve: What was…

Paul: Second time was much better off, what when we done the big reunion tour in '96.

Steve: Was you glad that we uh, knocked it on the head in San Francisco?

Paul: Oh, I was so glad when it was all over, first time round, yeah. It was just so…it was just all too intense weren't it, everything at that time.

Steve: Do you think it was too much for us, too soon?

Paul: Yeah, definitely. We was, what were we, twenty-one at the time? Twenty?

Steve: When we, when it ended? Yeah.

Paul: Yeah, yeah. It's just that nobody could handle it in the end, you know. Someone was going to die and they did, you know what I mean so…

Steve: It was weird, wunnit?

Paul: …it was a bit of a mess yeah, you know.

Steve: The early days were good, though. Before…

Paul: It was all exciting stuff, yeah. But it just got really messy, you know…

Steve: Then everyone used to start wearing uniforms.

Paul: Nasty, yeah. It was great early on. When Sid joined it was great and stuff…

Steve: Too bad he couldn't play a bit better.

Paul: Yeah. Never mind. No, I enjoyed it, when we done the big world reunion tour as well…

Steve: In '96. Well I mean, how many gigs did we do, originally, before when we broke up the first time?

Paul: We was only together for two years, from start to finish…and we couldn't play anywhere. We only done a handful of gigs, didn't we?

Steve: Two years…we were, I think it was a bit longer than that wunnit?

Paul: No. Not really. Two and a half maybe, from start to finish?

Steve: With the original line-up.

Paul: Yeah.

Steve: Really?

Paul: Yeah.

Steve: Then how many shows you reckon we did?

Paul: Seventy-five, I dunno.

Steve: Hundred?

Paul: About a hundred to a hundred and fifty, maybe?

Steve: That even sounds like a lot, dunnit?

Paul: Yeah. (laughs)

Steve: When you think about it. I mean, where did we play? We played around London a bit, right? The last show we did in London was at Brunell University, wunnit?

Paul: Yeah, we tried to do a tour - that was cancelled, got banned everywhere…

Steve: Got three shows out of that, that tour. Wunnit like, three shows?

Paul: Yeah, out of the whole tour. Played a few times in around Europe, didn't we and then…

Steve: Played a strip club, the 100 Club, the High Wickham…I don't think it was even nowhere near a hundred.

Paul: …and then the American tou…maybe. Weren't many, anyway…

Steve: American tour? We did bloody six shows out here.

Paul: For the legacy, we left nothing at all, you know…nothing.

Steve: One album…

Paul: One album.

Steve: …really. And all that stink we cause. People are still like…it's crazy. Oh, well. It was a lot of fun, though. Looking back at it.

Paul: Looking back at it.

Steve: It's weird, you know. I don't, I can't really put myself in it, looking back, what was going on at the time, you know.

Paul: It's a different lifetime, yeah. It's a lifetime away. It's like a different person, now.

Steve: When you get, when you get older, you get all worried about things. I never used to worry back then.

Slim Jim: Back then nothing counted, except the band and the gig and that was your whole life. There was nothing else to think about.

Steve: And now, it's a nightmare…

Paul: Oh, to be young again.

Steve: And now, now we have mortgages.

Slim Jim: Yes.

Steve: Worrying about blokes wearing baggy pants with their bleedin' white fronts hanging out of them saying, "Look at that bleedin' kid over there with his knickers hanging out of his big baggy pants." You know what I mean?

Paul: Telling our kids what (not) to do…

Steve: What has happened. What is going on?

Slim Jim: Oh, don't start with this "too old for that stuff"…

Steve: Marvin Gaye, What's goin' on? Do you…how many kids do you have though, Slim?

Slim Jim: I have a son who's seventeen.

Steve: Is he, is he out terrorizing?

Slim Jim: Yeah, he's in a band with Billy Idol's kid. They're called, Lucas and they play around.

Steve: But is he…

Slim Jim: Yeah, they do all the clubs in L.A. and…he's a drummer. Much better than I am.

Steve: And your daughter's singing now, right?

Paul: Yeah, we're going to play the track next. Yeah, she done some stuff with Glen. Glen's producing…Glen Matlock's producing it.

Steve: I've played, I've played it on here before.

Paul: Yeah.

Steve: Is she a hard worker at that age? Do you like…

Paul: Nah, she's fine. Hi, Hollie. She should be listening at home.

Steve: Hi, Hollie.

Paul: Hi. Nah, she's a good girl. Sensible.

Steve: Do you have problems with your kid?

Slim Jim: No, my son's a good kid. He's…no, he's a good kid. He's into music and he's got a job and he's, he's a good kid.

Paul: It's how you bring them up. If they misbehave, you just give 'em a few slaps, kick 'em about a bit…

Steve: Yeah, give 'em the belt. It must be a leather belt.

Paul: Lock 'em up in the cupboard for a while, that sorts them out.

Slim Jim: I just introduce them to all my friends and say, "You want to turn out like this?" and it seems to be working.

Steve: Yeah? But don't you really want to hit him with a belt?

Slim Jim: No, I'm too lazy for that.

Steve: Can I come over and hit him with a belt?

Slim Jim: Sure.

Steve: How old is he, seventeen?

Slim Jim: Yeah.

Steve: Ten lashes. (they laugh) Let's play, let's play Hollie Cook, Paul Cook's daughter and this is song called - do you have it, Mr. Shovel?

Paul: "Yeah Right".

Steve: It's called, "Yeah Right" and Glen Matlock produced this, right?

Paul: Yeah.

Steve: Is he playing on it?

Paul: He is, yeah. He's doing everything on it and signed 'em up. What can I say?

Steve: You should play on a track.

Paul: Yeah, I might well do, yeah.

Steve: On your daughter's solo album. That'll be good.

Paul: That's the plan. And I'm going to play after that, we'll play another one, that track I'm doing with Phil…

Steve: The Mancheefrills, yeah.

Paul: Man-Raze, yeah. Okay.

Steve: But this is Hollie Cook. Take it away, Mr. Shovel.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Steve: You're listening to Jonesy's Jukebox on Indie 1031. That was Man Ray.

Paul: Raze. Man-Raze.

Steve: Man-Raze. Sorry. What was the name of that song?

Paul: "You're So Wrong".

Steve: "You're So Wrong". Paul Cook on drums and…

Paul: And Phil Collen, guitar, vocals…and they got Simon Laffey on bass.

Slim Jim: I know Simon Laffey.

Paul: Yeah, from Girl. He used to be in an outfit called, "Girl".

Slim Jim: Yeah…his, his brother is one of my oldest, dearest pals, Jerry Laffey. And I met Phil Collen when he was still in Girl…he used to go out with a girl who was a Stray Cats secretary. The first we ever had a…this is a long time ago, and that's when I first met those guys.

Steve: You're having a Laffey, ain't ya?

Slim Jim: ('fake' laughs in background for cornball joke)

Steve: (a la Letterman) Ya know…

Slim Jim: Simon's a great bass player, man. He's good.

Steve: Yeah?

Paul: So, there's a connection there, yeah.

Steve: And what did we play before that? Your, your daughter…

Paul: Yeah, Hollie Cook. "Yeah Right".

Steve: Hollie Cook and that was a song called, "Yeah Right", produced by Glen Matlock.

Paul: That's right, yeah.

Steve: It's a small little world, innit?

Slim Jim: It's a great song.

Steve: Small little world. That weren't the one though, that was on the Japanese…

Paul: No, no. She was on the Japanese album that done really well.

Steve: She don't like that song cos she didn't want us to play it.

Paul: No, not so much, no. She had a hit in Japan with it, so…

Steve: Are you still listening, Hollie? Text me if you're still listening. Let's have a look here. What did we play before that?

Paul: Nothing.

Steve: Uh?

Paul: We just played two tracks before. Do you want to play another one? No? We've got the time?

Steve: We…got to end it here, ain't we? Do we end it here?

Mr. Shovel: Pretty much, yeah.

Steve: So, can we get one song in before we end it, or not.

Mr. Shovel: Sure.

Slim Jim: Thank everybody that sent money in for your stuff too, man. That's really a cool, human thing to do.

Steve: Did we get rid of the last pair, Mr. Shovel?

Mr. Shovel: Karen got your last pair for $325.00, so you got about a thousand dollars for your shoes, Pat Dinunzio's guitar is at $1100, we're gonna keep that open 'til 3:30.

Steve: So we did pretty good.

Slim Jim: That girl must have big feet to wear your shoes, Steve.

Steve: We did pretty good, right? Shovel?

Mr. Shovel: Yeah.

Steve: We did pretty good. Five, track five.

Paul: Oh, we've got one more track coming up, here?

Steve: Yeah, what else you want to talk about before we, before we knock it on the head.

Paul: Uh, dunno, really, that's about it mate, really.

Steve: Yeah?

Paul: Yeah, I dunno.

Steve: What about you, Slim?

Slim Jim: I think I'm coming here next week, so we can talk about it all then.

Steve: I've got to see you again?

Slim Jim: You'll be sick of me.

Paul: You're a regular.

Slim Jim: So, you're going to come up and play when we do the show in L.A., right?

(there's a long uncomfortable pause)

Slim Jim: I love it.

Steve: (laughing) I dunno.

Slim Jim: Well, why wouldn't you?

Steve: And play what?

Slim Jim: Play guitar. Play the special guitar.

Steve: (New York accent) You gonna pay me?

Slim Jim: I would play a song…

Steve: You're getting paid…

Slim Jim: I'd play a song with you for nothing…

Steve: You would?

Slim Jim: …if you asked me to do it.

Steve: Yeah? I don't want ya. Don't want to ask ya.

Slim Jim: Okay.

Steve: I'll give you a hundred dollars if you…do a cover version of this song with me.

Slim Jim: Sure.

Steve: This is Shabby Tiger. Have you ever heard of them?

Slim Jim: No.

Paul: This is for everyone listening in London.

Steve: There's a story behind this. We opened for this band once didn't we, Shabby Tiger.

Paul: Yeah.

Steve: Do you remember?

Slim Jim: How'd you guys go over that night?

Steve: I can't remember. It was upstairs in a pub. I remember that. It was like, up the East end somewhere, wunnit?

Paul: Yeah, some little dive in some university, or college, it was a college…

Steve: It was a pub though, no, it was a boozer.

Paul: In the East end, yeah, it was a college.

Steve: It was upstairs.

Paul: And they were like, all long, blonde hair.

Steve: Swedish-looking.

Paul: Swedish with dungarees on and that. Really tight dungarees.

Steve: And the guitar had a big, fat ass and he was all sweating down.

Slim Jim: (laughing) That you remember.

Steve: Well, it was so funny to watch him. It was so funny to watch him, this bloke, like trying to be all cool…and we're like, we're behind the stage, like looking up, like, back at him and he had this big line all the way down his aris. (Slim Jim still laughing)

Paul: We've never forgotten it, ever since.

Steve: And that's what this song means to me and Paul, every time we hear it.

Paul: This is for Julian, back at home everyone listening. And Claude and Attie, if you're listening now, happy marriage and all that.

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