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Jonesy's Jukebox 31st August 2005 Guest: Paul Cook

Paul Cook Visits the 'box 31st August 2005

Re-broadcast on 17/03/06. First broadcast on August 31st.2005.
Note. This is the second hour of the show - only.

Plays Symarip "Skinhead Moonstomp" "Wet dream" by Max Romeo "Girl go crazy" by the Dictators "Cryin' over you" by Ken Boothe and Suicide "Cherie."

Steve: You're listenin' to Jonesy's Jukebox on Indie 103.1. That was Suicide and that song was "Cherie," Cherie Remember them?

Paul: I do yeah, (French accent) Cherie, Cherie.

Steve: (Unintelligible). Both laugh.

Steve: And then we 'ad before that the Dictators, do you remember that? We was listenin' to that in your bedroom? Your mum's bedroom?

Paul: Um…weren't mad on 'em

Steve: Not your mum's bedroom… but you 'ad this album.

Paul: Did I? Er…ok.

Steve: You liked the way he looked though didn't you?

Paul: Yeah sexy.

Steve: Big fat (indistinct). That was, the Dictators, "Girl go crazy" that song was, "the next big thing." Then before that we had a bunch of reggae, what was the last one we played?

Paul: "Skinhead Moonstomp."

Steve: "Skinhead Moonstomp" by "Symarip."

Paul: That's it.

(Both recite the artistes and the songs together).

Steve: Before that was "Wet dream" by Max Romeo and we started off with er…

Paul: C'mon, (insistently) C'mon!

Steve: Oh er…"Ken Boothe" "Everything I own." No…

Paul: (Laughing).

Steve: "Next to you?"

Paul: Nearly , I dunno I can't remember.

Steve: "Cryin over you."

Paul: "Crying over you," that's it.

Steve: "Cryin over you." We're here with Paul Cook from the Sex Pistols and the Professionals and the Chiefs of Relief. What else did you…what else you done?

Paul: Edwin Collins.
Steve: Played drums with him?

Paul: Played drums with him. Got a new little…I should have brought my cd. down I got a new little combo going.

Steve: You produced a band right?

Paul: No no, I've got a thing going with Phil from Def Leppard. The guitarist…

Steve: Yeah.

Paul: Def Leppard…got a bunch of tracks we done. I've…you can play it, I'll bring it down another day.

Steve: Is it any good?

Paul: (US accent). It's great man! Rock!

Steve: (US accent). Rock 'n' roll!

Paul: : (US accent). Rock!

Steve (very loud US. accent) Rock 'n' Roll! (normal volume now) What was um the band you was producin' weren't you producin' a band with Ray?

Paul: Yeah I got that as well (indistinct) called the er there was a band called the Rifles, I was working with, there was another Irish band, Le Scenes.

Steve: Were they young kids?

Paul: Yeah they were really young kids from Ireland, I'll bring that down as well.

Steve: Any good?

Paul: Yeah

Steve: Or did you 'ave to teach 'em everything?

Paul: Nah nah, it was alright. On the case. Drummer was good as well.

Steve: Yeah?

Paul: Yeah.

Steve: Did you play on it?

Paul: Nah..he's better than me! (Both laugh).

Steve: What, how's yer Dad?

Paul: He's good., yeah. He's…

Steve: How's that breath of 'is?

Paul: He says he wants to speak to you, on the birthday mate, you gotta call him.

Steve: Has he got rid of that breath?

Paul: Yeah, yeah, he's stopped drinkin' so much, I think that was…

Steve: (Laughs) Ah, Tom, Tom Cook excellent. So you still love it over there right?

Paul: Where?

Steve: In London.

Paul: Oh yeah (indistinct).

Steve: You really branched out didn't ya, you moved two houses down…

Paul: Yeah, yeah.

Steve: …from when I first met ya.

Paul: Yeah.

Steve: When we were like ten years old.

Paul: Well we ended up back there. (indistinct).

Steve: You're not like the other Cook, the guy, the bloke on the, the other Cook, what was his name?

Paul: Thomas Cook.

Steve: Nah…

Paul: The travel agent.

Steve: Not the travel agent! (Both laugh). The other bloke, Captain…

Paul: Captain Cook…

Steve: Captain Cook (yeah).

Paul: Oh one of my relatives, yeah oh yeah we get about, we been in Spain for months and months.

Steve: That's right, you got a gaff out there.

Paul: Yeah we get out of London as much as we can mate, don't worry.

Steve: Did all that, was you out of town when all that…?

Paul: Yeah when all the bombs and stuff were going off. Yeah it's a weird atmosphere there now. You know.

Steve: Really?

Paul: I went on the train the other day, there was no one on it.

Steve: Really?

Paul: Goin' up to Piccadilly, yeah , it was that empty.

Steve: If some bloke with a turban gets on, with a backpack, everyone gets off.

Paul: Well I was lookin' at everyone. You know, "who are these…?"(Laughs)

Steve: "What's goin' on…(imitating panic) What's… has he got a backpack?"

Paul: Yeah.

Steve: Hey that's terrifying.

Paul: Yeah….so…

Steve: Oh well.

Paul: We're used to it, ain't we?

Steve: IRA.

Paul: Yeah, it's been goin' on forever.

Steve: (Indistinct).

Paul: We don't care, we just carry on you know, bombs goin' off everywhere.

Steve: "We don't care" (…a spoken line from the chorus of Pretty Vacant? Then carries on in a gritty voice).

Paul: (Joining in with a throaty "backs to the wall" accent). Bulldog spirit. The old blitz spirit! Bombs goin' off everywhere!

Steve (Laughs) Excellent. Um..what 'appened with this bleedin' thing Shovel? Did no one know this song?

Mr. Shovel: (No audible response)

Steve: Do we 'ave to do it again? I guess we got to do it again. Cos all the phones went silly. So we're goin' to do it again. Ready to whistle again?

Paul: I can't remember what one it is now. You start, "you hum it, I'll play it." (Ref. To v. popular series of British Television commercials featuring chimps drinking tea).

(Both whistle the tune, Steve plays his acoustic guitar.)

Steve: Ok. if you can guess the name of that song, at 8779001031 you will go and go and see Hollywood Bowl at the er…(realising mistake Steve laughs and then shouts) Your goin' to Hollywood Bowl you silly soss!. Brian Wilson and the Polyphonic spree. September 4th at the Hollywood Bowl. Thanks for listening.


Steve: You're listenin' to Jonesy's Jukebox on Indie 103.1 We have two lovely gorgeous delightful winners. Alicia, Randazo….Randaza? and Peter Orff. Didn't you forget an "N" there? Int that Peter North? He was the pawn bloke weren't he, he was the one who had a lot of stuff, remember him?

Paul: Never heard of 'im.

Steve: Peter North anyway (different accent) only a small amount of people would know that. (Getting back to the winners of the whistling competition) Um…you won the tickets to go and see Brian Wilson and the Polyphonic spree, September 4th Hollywood Bowl. The song that me and Cookie was whistlin' was the Troggs, "Give it to me." Do you know this song?

Paul: I do, yeah. yeah, I know that one.

Steve: It's a great song. Do you wanna hear it?

Paul: Were they popular in the States, were they all hits, like these songs here?

Steve: The Troggs were pretty popular, weren't they? Wild Thing. Yeah.

Paul: Yeah?

Steve: I mean they had a bunch of hits. What was the singers name?

Paul: Reg Presley.

Steve: (Laughs)

Paul: Wonder where he got that from?

Steve: Reg Presley, I don't know. I know it's a great name though. I wish I had thought of that.

Paul: "Reg Presley". (Laughs) "I can feel it all around." Was that a big hit here? All that stuff.

Steve: (Singing) "…Feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my bones" (stops singing) or toes or whatever. I think so. Why didn't we 'ave funny names, like Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten?

Paul: Why did we?

Steve: Why did we 'ave Cook and Jones?

Paul: I dunno, cos we weren't interested in others…

Steve: "We're anti-punk." We didn't want to be punk, I was only in it for the birds after the show… Ah lets play er…."Give it to me." Take it away Mr. Shovel!

(Plays The Troggs, "Give it to me." Sham 69 "Borstal Breakout" and finally "Problems" Sex Pistols.)

You're listenin' to Jonesy's Jukebox. That was the Sex Pistols from an album "Kiss This." It actually er…there's about 20 songs on there and er that was "Problems." That was er, Mr. Johnny Lydon on vocals and before that we had Jimmy Pursey with Sham 69 doin' er, "Gonna be a Borstal Breakout." And apparently they 'ad a bit of a row pair of them last week at the American Embassy. They had a little scuffle, Jimmy Pursey and er Johnny Rotten, waitin' to get in to get their green cards or work visas or whatever they were doin' and they had a little er, "tuffle" with their handbags.

Paul: Outside the Embassy, yes, scuffle 7.30 in the morning.

Steve: Really smart move.

Paul: Yeh…yeah.

Steve: Anyway what did you think, did you hear about that, did you know that?

Paul: Yeah it was the National Dailies (newspapers).

Steve: Small news?

Paul: Yeah, no big thing, no don't think so.

Steve: Apparently the bloke with the machine gun was a fan of both bands. That's what they said.

Paul: The bloke with the ma..?

Steve: You know the blokes, the coppers outside,

Paul: Oh right, I wonder if they got their, I wonder if they got their visas?

Steve: I don't know, maybe it was, if it happened inside it might have been a different story.

Paul: Do you remember them songs?

Steve: What songs?

Paul: Playing…"Problems" playing them?

Steve: Do I remember "Problems?"

Paul: Recording.

Steve: No I don't. You probably do though. What happened?

Paul: No nothing… just …

Steve: Chris Spedding weren't it?

Paul: …taking you back there, yeah.

Steve: I weren't there for all the recordings.

Paul: (Dead pan) No of course not, you didn't play guitar on that did you, no.

Steve: Chris Spedding. Remember "Silly Thing?"

Paul: I didn't even play drums on it, I don't think.

Steve: (Laughs)

Paul: Did I?

Steve: It was er Dave Clark I think played the drums.on.

Paul: Dave Clark, yeah, oh yeah! (Laughs).

Steve: In fact I don't even think Glen Matlock plays on it.

Paul: (adding the icing to this clever bit of banter now) don't even think I was there!

Steve: Do you remember "Silly Thing?" How's that go then.

Paul: Yeah.

Steve: Didn't you sing "Silly Thing?"

Paul: Oh no Gawd…

Steve: Don't panic I'm not going to ask you to sing.

Paul: You got, you won't even remember it.

Steve: Wanna bet?

Paul: Yeah go on.

(They play an acoustic version of "Silly Thing." Steve takes the first verse. Paul joins in and takes the second verse both do it with minimal banter.)

Steve: Here we go!

(They falter a bit)

Paul: Don't you know "Friggin in the riggin." Here we go, he's gone mad, he's gone mad!

Song ends.

Steve: Oh that was the best weren't it? That was fun!

Paul: It was great.

Steve: Cos we both sung that song.

Paul: Til I started singing it, yeah.

Steve: I did a version.

Paul: Well I was alright at backing vocals, I was always alright at backing vocals.

Steve: You sung the version that was on the Swindle.

Paul: Yeah I know, yeah.

Steve: Then we did it again, I did the single right, with Bill Price.

Paul: Yeah the "proper version," as it were, yeah.

Steve: I actually like your version, I think it sounds better.

Paul: Oh no your much better at that , your…

Steve: No, no, it was thin, Bill Price (Refering to producer of Never Mind the Bollocks) it was thin, it was missing something like 1-2-3 it was like thin soundin'

Paul: Ok.

Steve: You know what I mean? (US Californian personal analyst accent). That's my personal opinion Mr. Cook. (Sounds like: "Traveller… anonymous")

Paul: Ok.

Steve: (unclear). Let's er. What are we doin' Do you wanna hear another song?

Paul: Yeah er what you got?

Steve: What do you fancy. Clash, Ruts.

Paul: Ruts.

Steve: It's a punk day today. Gen. X.

Paul: Bit of a punk day yeah..

Steve: Blondie, Jam.

Paul: Ooh…

Steve: Let's play this


Steve: Let's play this, bit of Gen. X. He's been on here, Bill.

Paul: Has he?

Steve: He's a good lad.

Paul: Big Bill Broad.

Steve: Yeah. Big Bill Sykes. Track er..track 1. You're here with Mr. Paul Cook and you're on Jonesy's Jukebox and we're gonna play Gen X. Thanks for listenin.

Plays Generation X. "From the heart." The Ruts. "Staring at the Rude boys. " The Ramones. "I can't control myself"

Steve: You're listenin' to Jonesy's Jukebox. You're listenin' to Cook and Jonesy's jukebox today.

Paul: That's right, afternoon. (as in "good afternoon" then something indistinct).

(Rumbling sound either a fart or a belch from Steve).

Paul: Oh haw haw haw (laughs).

Steve: That was the Ramones and that was a song called, "I can't control myself," which was written and recorded originally by the Troggs and that's an album called er…what does that say there, that word there? Mancheefrills. What does it say? Ramones, It's all cover songs anyway, it's pretty good. Some good versions. That was a good version of the Troggs. Then we had the Ruts before that and that song was "Staring at the Rude boys." From a "Best of" cd. And we started off with Generation X from an album called "Generation X," no, yeah… I guess that was called "From the heart?" It started weird. Something went weird with the cd. so I apologise for that.

Mr. Shovel. "Acid eaters."

Steve: "Acid eaters," that's the name of the er, what a horrible name. That's a terrible name, "Acid eaters." Sounds like they're saying something else.

Paul: Of what was that, the Ramones?

Steve: Sounds like "arse eaters. "

Paul: "I can't control myself," that's funny and you just played a Troggs song not long ago.

(Steve and Paul both talking together).

Paul: I'm getting the hang of this now.

Steve: Pretty good stuff.

Paul: Mmm..

Steve: So how long you out here for?

Paul: Er a week no ten days or something for the birthday and celebrations and then another week after that.

(This small part of the broadcast is unfortunately not clear due to a fault in the transmission. About 1 minute or so is not so decipherable. To summarise. Paul talks about watching football, watching the England game, Steve says get some sun, get a better tan, Steve comments on Paul's hairy body could be his chest or arms. Paul says that Steve is looking at him in a "funny way.")

(Commercial Break.)

Steve: (US. accent, East Coast Prob his Soprano one) You're listening to Jonesy's Jukebox. KDLD Santa Monica, KDLE Newport Beach, a Intravision communications company, Indie 103.1 yeah!!

Normal voice. You're listening, you've been listenin' to Jonesy's Jukebox on Indie 103.1 with my guest, Paul Cook. My oldest pal, oldest friend.

Paul: Forty years.

Steve: Is that long it is, was it ten or eleven,

Paul: We were ten, yeah..

Steve: We used to cross paths in the mornin'. He went to one School…

Paul: Went to the other one.

Steve: …and I went to another one and we used to cross each on the street didn't we

Paul: And then we went to the same Secondary. Yeah so we've known each other forty Years.

Steve: And we both went to Christopher Wren.

Paul: Yeah

(This small part of the broadcast is unfortunately not clear due to a fault in the transmission. About 1 minute could not be transcribed. To summarise it sounds like they are talking about teachers, Christopher Dunce Class? Or Dunstan - the name of a teacher. Paul talks about contemporaries forty or whatever. Steve agrees. This part is more scrambled than the other gremlin section.)

Steve: It's been a great show and it was a really nice surprise having you here. I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of ya in the next ten days.

Paul: I'm sure.

Steve: So we thought we'd er go out with a little song., a little clean version.

Paul: Oh! (Sounds disappointed).

They duet on a clean version of "Friggin in the riggin' " and sing "There was nothing else to do" etc.

Paul: I think you should play a record.

Steve: :Let's go out with a bit of er Leo Sayer which sounds pretty like Friggin' in the riggin' actually. "The show must go on" I'll see you all tomorrow at 12 bells, bye bye.

Paul: Bye.

Plays Leo Sayer, "The show must go on. "

Transcribed by Chriswasanon.

Edited and proof read by Chriswasanon.

Exclusive production for Kick Down The Doors July 06.

Thanks to Mark Shovel, Indie 103.1, Floratina, Phil and a special Sex Pistol thank you to Steve Jones.

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