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Jonesy's Jukebox 22nd March 2006 Guest: Chrissie Hynde

Chrissie Hynde Visits The Box March 22, 2006

This interview was first broadcast on Indie 103.1 in the LA and OC area and streamed over the Internet on 22.3.06.

Steve: Chrissie Hynde in the studio, ladies and gentlemen. Is you "Miss" Chrissie Hynde, now, or are you Mrs. Chrissie Hynde?

Chrissie: (laughs) I've married myself. What do you mean, am I "Miss" Chrissie Hynde?

Steve: Well, didn't you get married a couple of times?

Chrissie: Yeah.

Steve: You're not married anymore, though, are you?

Chrissie: No. No, I'm not really marriage material.

Steve: So, when you…

Chrissie: They all want me back, of course…

Steve: Riiiight. So when…

Chrissie: …as you can well I'm sure, vouch for that.

Steve: Yes. So when, when we uh, when we ummm, 'ad sex, many years ago…we did, right?

Chrissie: Well…

Steve: I remember…

Chrissie: I think when I didn't have a place to live and I used to come around to the studio on Denmark, I think you used to give me one.

Steve: Yeah, but I remember another spot as well. It was at a party in the bathroom. I remember that, too. What, I was that good eh, you don't remember?

Chrissie: It was that good?

Steve: Even I remember.

Chrissie: Do you know what I remember about that party, was there was a…like a turkey or a chicken and I ate a piece of it. I still remember that 'cause of course you know, it was a huge violation for me, but I was so hungry and after what I'd just…been up to in the bathroom with you, I thought, you know, I was already working with The Man Downstairs and I thought, "Fuck the chicken." (Mr. Shovel has to hit the dump button at this point) Sorry! (for the expletive)

Steve: She can't help herself. (sings) She's a rebel and she's never ever any good!
(both laugh)

Chrissie: Well, we got off to a good start.

Steve: That's fine with me.

Chrissie: So, I saw Lemmy last night.

Steve: Did he come to your show?

Chrissie: Yeah. And I thought, isn't it ironic how we've all become respectable?

Steve: Yeah…

Chrissie: Well, I was always respectable, but like, you guys.

Steve: Yeah, I guess so.

Chrissie: Especially you, really. I mean, at least he was like, a musician and stuff but you really were a thug.

Steve: Yes. But some things…don't change.

Chrissie: No.

Steve: You know. But, you know, what you gonna do? You gonna stay like you're nineteen years old all your life? It kind of, don't work. You know, your thinking changes, don't you think, when you get older? Or not?

Chrissie: Um, yeah. It kind of comes and goes.

Steve: You calm down. You ain't got to fight as much as when you're a teenager. You don't want to fight as much.

Chrissie: Yeah.

Steve: Right, for me anyway. I dunno what it's like, being a woman. But that angst goes, you don't have that teenage…

Chrissie: So what do you do now?

Steve: I'm a voyeur now.

Chrissie: (laughs) Ah well, yeah…I guess you really slowed down then, didn't you?

Steve: You know, I give it my best shot.

Chrissie: (amusedly) Well, you always did, Steve.

Steve: (laughs) Excellent.

Chrissie: Uh hmm. And all the girls are asking after you. All the old, the old slappers that you left back in London.

Steve: Oh…yeah.

Chrissie: You know, they're not quite as tasty as they once were. (Steve laughs) Phyllis…

Steve: Oh, God. No, don't…don't embarrass me. Phyllis…she still around?

Chrissie: I believe so. I think Lemmy, there was a sighting in the last couple of years.

Steve: She was the female Gary Holton, weren't she? Gary Holton, if you don't know, that is who's the singer of Heavy Metal Kids. When did I first met you? You was working in Sex, right?

Chrissie: (sarcastic) Your grammar has really improved…

Steve: Has it?

Chrissie: I was…no, it wasn't Sex then, it was called, uh…

Steve: Let It Rock.

Chrissie: No, it was called…of course, you couldn't read yet then. And I'm not being funny…you honestly couldn't, could you?

Steve: Yeah, yeah. I know…

Chrissie: Who did teach you how to read? Was it Judy?

Steve: Who?

Chrissie: Judy Nylon? Didn't someone…try to show you how to read once? Anyway, it was called…

Steve: No, I had lessons about ten years ago.

Chrissie: Okay, well, at the time it was called…

Steve: Too Fast To Live.

Chrissie: No, it was called, "Craft Must Wear Clothes but the truth loves to go naked" was scrawled above the front door. You wouldn't have probably noticed that at the time.

Steve: No, I didn't.

Chrissie: You used to help me put the grills back on. You were about seventeen.

Steve: Yeah. What was he selling then? Fifties.

Chrissie: He was, he'd gone from the sort of Teddy Boy thing and he started making those, uh, Let It Rock t-shirts out of chicken bones and uh, they had the Valerie Salonas slogans going up that, you know, SCUM Manifesto, Society For Cutting Up Men stuff and uh, it's the first place I'd seen Teddy Boys, of course, 'cause I was a Yank, I'd only been there for a year, '73.

Steve: You came from Akron, Ohio?

Chrissie: Yeah, to, to London.

Steve: You came straight from there to King's Road?

Chrissie: Yeah.

Steve: Right.

Chrissie: And that's the first time I saw all the piercings and stuff, started piercing my ears and stuff.

Steve: Do a lot of people recognize you as coming from that era, like, when they talk to ya? They, do they, cos you were like, right there before it even happened. Do people know?

Chrissie: Yeah. Well, I knew you before the Pistols got you.

Steve: Yeah, I know. We used to go to them pubs and watch bands.

Chrissie: Um hmm.

Steve: What was that pub down the end…

Chrissie: The Roebuck. No…

Steve: Down the end of a road, off a, 'round back of a…Olympia. It was down a long road and there was a pub down the end. We saw The Winkies in there. Remember The Winkies? Or was it Judy Nylon…

Chrissie: Don't remember…

Steve: Maybe it was Judy Nylon.

Chrissie: Don't remember.

Steve: So, when you worked in there, was it Malcolm and Vivienne or was it just Malcolm?

Chrissie: Yeah, I didn't last very long, though. There was that incident with Nick Kent and the belt and then they fired me.

Steve: He, he whacked you, didn't he?

Chrissie: Yeah.

Steve: Swine.

Chrissie: It's okay. I got some good lines out of it.

Steve: Do you still…

Chrissie: I see him now.

Steve: How's he doing?

Chrissie: Good. He's got a little…

Steve: Is he respectable?

Chrissie: Yeah, he is. He's got a little uh, place in Paris and he's got a beautiful wife, nice kid and he, you know, just rolls spliffs and watches DVDs and writes.

Steve: Is he still uh…

Chrissie: No, he's pretty cleaned up.

Steve: He's not dressing like he's Keith Richards anymore?

Chrissie: Yeah, he wears that kind of wife-beater shirt and you know, earring, beret…you know, he's got this kind of French thing going now.

Steve: He's gone off the Keith thing.

Chrissie: Little bit.

Steve: Is he still really skinny?

Chrissie: Not as skinny as he was. Not like you, Steve. I see you've maintained your svelte physique. (Steve laughs)

Steve: Have you, have you uh, have you uh…

Chrissie: You're not as fat as everyone told me you'd be.

Steve: I've lost weight.

Chrissie: Oh.

Steve: I'm working on losing more weight. See, when you get older, you can look all right if you're skinny. It's when you're old…

Chrissie: You can look all right if you're skinny at any age.

Steve: Yeah, but when you're fat…

Chrissie: It doesn't work.

Steve: It looks horrendous. I was watching that Rock and Roll…

Chrissie: Don't tell us what you've been watching.

Steve: No. My home movies. Would you care to be in one?

Chrissie: Not especially. No, not really, no.

Steve: I'm very good.

Chrissie: Oh you do, you're doing some directing, though.

Steve: Yesss. (long pause, then he laughs) I was watching the bleedin' Hall of Fame nonsense.

Chrissie: Yeah, it was, wasn't it?

Steve: and…but it's all them…

Chrissie: The Hall of Shite. You know, I know that you guys, you know, everyone thinks you're really cool 'cause you didn't go. I… (Steve's text message alert beeps)

Steve: It's a football result.

Chrissie: I uh…who you supporting?

Steve: Chelsea.

Chrissie: You always supported Chelsea? I didn't know you were into football. You kept that secret.

Steve: Well I wasn't…when I was…fifteen…

Chrissie: Thieving…

Steve: Fourteen, fifteen, I used to go to football all the time. When the Pistols thing
kind of started and I left football, you know. And I got back into it about twenty years ago. But Chelsea are winning, one - nil against Newcastle in the FA cup. It just started.

Chrissie: All right. Well keep us posted.

Steve: Yes.

Chrissie: (sarcastically) I'm sure people will be tuning in from all around the country now.

Steve: With bated breath. So what was we saying?

Chrissie: Uh, we were uh…what we w…oh, we were talking about Malcolm and Viv's shop down there.

Steve: Yeah was it…

Chrissie: It was before it went to…became Sex.

Steve: Yeah, but you was working in there then, weren't ya?

Chrissie: Yeah, but I didn't last long. You were, you know…remember that guy, Adrian that used to come in? The real quiet guy that used to sit in the corner? He was another King's Road guy.

Steve: Dark hair, kind of gay, Jewish guy?

Chrissie: No, fair, sort of light uh, proddy-looking type.

Steve: Do you remember them two gay guys, Timmy and his mate?

Chrissie: No, I think that was more your, that was more your jurisdiction back then.

Steve: Well, they were working in there.

Chrissie: Oh, no. I don't know.

Steve: Oh, I don't know. Who knows.

Chrissie: That was after my time.

Steve: But it was good stuff in there.

Chrissie: It was excellent.

Steve: When did you think about…I remember you used to - talking about Denmark Street - you was always like, "Yeah, I'm gonna to be in a band" and I always didn't take you seriously. I thought you were like another bird who was like, you know. You know, and I, I didn't take you seriously. I was proud o' ya, that you actually got all that together.

Chrissie: You see, I was playing you know, when I was a kid, that was the difference. That punk thing was…that punk thing only lasted six months, as you know…from when was it, about the first of the year in 1977, the first six months of the Roxy, cos then it, of course as soon as, it wasn't really "deconstructed music." It wasn't, hadn't been constructed yet. As soon as everyone started learning how to play, it was all over. And you were good. You were always a serious musician.

Steve: Yeah, couldn't really play very well, though. I mean I was slung in the deep end as far as trying to learn.

Chrissie: Well, we were all, you know, we were all bluffing, busking it.

Steve: Yeah, yeah. Are you still shy when you record? cos I remember for a while you didn't want anyone in the studio when you first started recording.

Chrissie: Well, yeah, it's kind of an intimate thing, you don't want, you know, it's not really a spectator thing. Depends. I don't like it in the studio, no.

Steve: Yeah, yeah.

Chrissie: But I'm not so shy now. You have to get over that to get on a stage.

Steve: Exactly. I tell that to a lot of people.

Chrissie: You just burn through it…the reason it worked out for me is cos I'd been hanging out and working as a waitress and doing all that stuff for so many years before that I knew that I didn't wanna go back to that. So, you know, I just went through the pain barrier, all the, you know, getting on stage and everything. This, you know, basically you know, we were pretty shy, uh, you know, didn't want to be in the spotlight-types.

Steve: Did you…I remember, I always remember, it stuck in my head when you used to say when you was in Akron, you used to hang out with Hell's Angels. Was that true? or was that a story back then?

Chrissie: Yeah, I don't want to talk about those guys.

Steve: Aw, they're nothing. I didn't say that. We're gonna visit the Duke, we're here with Chrissie Hynde. We'll be right back after these lovely messages. Thanks for listening.

Steve: You're listenin' to Jonesy's Jukebox on Indie 103.1 with my guest Chrissie Hynde, Hi Chrissie.

Chrissie: I'm still here.

Steve: She hasn't left yet, good um…

Chrissie. Thought about it though.

Steve: You did? (slight pause) No you didn't you wouldn't do that to me would ya?

Chrissie: I guess…

Steve: Leave me again.

Chrissie (Derisively) Huh!

Steve: So you was gonna say the 100 club, what was 'appenin in the 100 club?

Chrissie: Oh the 100 club, do you remember that one? You were asking me if I…Remember that night?

Steve: Well there was two, didn't we play the? Well there was the festival thing right, then there was the one before…

Chrissie: The one before. The 100 club, I brought Spedding down.

Steve: Right, ok. He came on there Spedding he…

Chrissie: I came down with Spedding, I said, "you gotta" - I met him in Paris and I said, "you gotta see this band." So I took him down there and er, I don't know what was, what was wrong with John you know he had er some bug as per. He was on the floor crying actually singing, "No fun," and he ran up and got he ran out of the club. Do you remember this? He went up the stairs and went out into the street.

Steve: No.

Chrissie: You pulled all the strings off your guitar in frustration. Of course soon as he peeked back down and saw that you had no strings he jumped on stage and started the next song to, you know, humiliate you.

Steve: That's unusual.

Chrissie: Do you remember that?

Steve: Er…no but I believe ya.

Chrissie: Yeah.

Steve: I do actually see a picture of me smashin' it against the "100".

Chrissie: You got comple(tely) you, cos you were so, you were so frustrated, you wanted to play, he split, he came back, he was always tryin' to wind you up like that.

Steve: Yeah.

Chrissie: Not as much as Glen obviously. He was trying to kill Glen. Yeah and you had no strings left, he started a song then afterward we all jumped into Spedding's car - not you, Rat Scabies, er John a couple o' other people.

Steve: What was that like seein' what was cos that was like, to me - that was like the best time before Bill Grundy, after Bill Grundy to me, it was all over.

Chrissie: Yeah, yeah it got too, yeah.

Steve: When you (indistinguishable) that, no one really knew about us still at that point…

Chrissie: What was it like? It was brilliant. It was great, one of the great moments in Rock for my money.

Steve: I wish I could have seen it.

Chrissie: Yeah it was pretty far out. You were great. You used to wear little string vests, you had your guitar. You know you were real, you were really…had a lot of heart in what you were doin' you know you could tell everyone was like…

Steve: New at the game.

Chrissie: New at the game, that's what was so exciting.

Steve: Yeah. Cookie was good, weren't he?

Chrissie: Cookie was always good.

Steve: What did you, did you see the Pistols when Sid joined?

Chrissie: Yeah.

Steve: What was that like, changed the dynamics completely didn't it?

Chrissie: Yeah well you know Sid was more like the spirit of the band. He couldn't play.

Steve: Yeah, he is the spirit of the band now.

Chrissie: Yeah…well you know he managed it but he was another kid, it was a sad story.

Steve: He looked great Sid.

Chrissie: He looked great. He was a sweet kid.

Steve: Yeah he was.

Chrissie: When he wasn't you know…

Steve: Well it seemed so…

Chrissie: …off his face and then he got kinda violent.

Steve: Yeah cos I think he felt like he had to didn't he?

Chrissie: Yeah and you know he used to keep a chain under his jacket and you know it wasn't, it wasn't good and then Nancy, it all went…

Steve: Didn't he whack…

Chrissie: …to seed after that.

Steve: Didn't he whack Nick Kent?

Chrissie: I heard about that, I wasn't there.

Steve: See, Karma.

Chrissie: Yep.

Steve: He whacked you and then I think Sid whacked him.

Chrissie: Yeah.

Steve: I couldn't imagine Nick though really, havin' a go at a bloke.

Chrissie: I can't imagine Nick sustaining any sort of physical impact.

Steve: Yeah.

Chrissie: But then you know and then poor Sid and you know and I and Nancy stayed at my place once in Clapham, my little Clapham dive in the early days when she came over with the Heartbreakers, that's when it all went to seed after cos they were all shooting speed in that, did you ever go to that Elgin Avenue?

Steve: Where Tony James?

Chrissie: The Elgin, nah he wasn't around but er do you remember the blonde…

Steve: But then didn't he get that place later, is it the same place? In a little mews right?

Chrissie: That was on Elgin Avenue right under the Harrow Road. It was a squat.

Steve: Oh, I didn't go there.

Chrissie: Ah do you remember Alan Drake. Alan Alan, the blonde one, pretty boy?

Steve: Used to work in the thing?

Chrissie: No.

Steve: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah,. yeah.

Chrissie: Yeah.

Steve: Looked like the bass player outta Cars?

Chrissie: Really pretty, looked like a Barbie doll kid.

Steve: Exactly.

Chrissie: They were all shooting speed, 'course then the Heartbreakers came over, they all got a taste for that stuff and it all went…

Steve: Yeah, I wasn't drawn to that at all at that point.

Chrissie: You waited 'til…

Steve: I waited 'til the Pistols broke up and when we came back from Brazil and…

Chrissie: I didn't know the Pistols went to Brazil.

Steve: Well we didn't, we was meant to.

Chrissie: Oh.

Steve: And then we broke up in San Francisco and me and Cookie went onto Brazil to shoot some footage for the Rock 'n' Roll Swindle.

Chrissie: And you know what, I never saw that until recently like in the last ten years or something. Sid was great.

Steve: Yeah.

Chrissie: He was great you know, he could sing, he was really good. I'm sure he didn't know it at the time…

Steve: No.

Chrissie: ...but he had real charisma.

Steve: He could have been good in his own right…

Chrissie: Yeah.

Steve: …easy if he'd have carried on.

Chrissie: Yeah easily.

Steve: Yeah it is a shame.

Chrissie: He had real charisma and had a real presence and everything, he wasn't self-conscious, like you know certainly a lotta people are when they get in front of the camera, he really had it. So you know. What can you do?

Steve: I came back from Brazil and then I just felt er…

Chrissie: You must have loved Brazil.

Steve: I did.

Chrissie: Made for you.

Steve: A Mecca.

Chrissie: Go to Rio?

Steve: Bubblebutts, it was unbelievable. A Mecca.

Chrissie: It's a real sort of sex haven, you get all those sexual tourists in there.

Steve: Well it's just open, it's open, you know, it's not…

Chrissie: I'm surprised you don't spend more time there.

Steve: Um well I…I don't know, no one speaks English there, that's the weird thing.

Chrissie: They all speak English.

Steve: They don't.

Chrissie: No…

Steve: Portuguese.

Chrissie…they get the picture though.

Steve: There's a lot of Germans out there.

Chrissie: They'd understand you. I think.

Steve: The Germans?

Chrissie: Depends on what you…

Steve: I been there a couple o' times.

Chrissie: Have you?

Steve: Oh I actually back then and then when the Pistols did that re-union in '96, I went there and er I went back there after the tour was over and stayed there for about three weeks.

Chrissie: Oh did you, where? In Rio?

Steve: In Rio.

Chrissie: I just had an apartment there last year, I was staying there.

Steve: You was???

Chrissie: Yeah toured with some er Brazilian guys.

Steve: Did you have a good time?

Chrissie: Mmm mm. Great little musicians, Moreno Veloso, Caetano Veloso's son and his, the guys he works with - all from musical families, all real musical, really good. Very quiet.

Steve: So you were like though working there?

Chrissie: Yeah, we did a tour.

Steve: Oh, you weren't 'anging out on the beach or anything like that?

Chrissie: Not a whole lot but somewhat, yeah.

Steve: I love it there. It's a real open place isn't it?

Chrissie: Uh huh.

Steve: It's like, you know, it's all out in the open, that's what I like about it but er - I don't know, I couldn't live there, I don't think.

Chrissie: I bet you could.

Steve: Maybe…when I get older.

Chrissie: You love it here, don't you.

Steve: I do I love it, I been here like twenty five years.

Chrissie: What would you do if you had to back to England, you'd hate it wouldn't you?

Steve: Oh God, I… I'd…oh I couldn't handle it, I don't know how you do it. You love it.

Chrissie: You know, it's ok. for me, it's ok I just keep myself, I don't really…I don't go to parties or any of that English stuff, that dinner party stuff. I don't mix with any of that. I just you know and I've had kids I've had to sort all that out.

Steve: How many, you have kids with two different blokes, Ray Davies (of the Kinks) and the Simple Minds bloke?

Chrissie: Very good.

Steve: See, I knew that.

Chrissie: You have done your homework.

Steve: No I didn't even do any homework, I just remembered that…

Chrissie: Oh ok.

Steve: …that he was the first one, the Simple Minds bloke (Jim Kerr) right? Scottish bloke?

Chrissie: Yes.

Steve: He was the first one you 'ad kids with?

Chrissie: No.

Steve: Ray was the first…oh.

Chrissie: That was years ago.

Steve: So how many kids in all do you have?

Chrissie: Two.

Steve: So the actors, the Ray, from Ray?

Chrissie: No, that's…she's at Uni but I don't want to talk about the kids…

Steve: Ok.

Chrissie: It's not fair 'cos it's like you know talking about someone behind their back, it's a privacy thing.

Steve: Ok.

Chrissie: You know they're real cool, I don't want you to meet 'em, they're twenty one and twenty three.

Steve: You don't want me to meet 'em?

Chrissie: Not a whole lot.

Steve: Why?

Chrissie: Well, cos you know…

Steve: They're boys ain't they?

Chrissie: No they're girls.

Steve: Oh ok. I see. Now I see why you don't want me to meet 'em. I do like young birds. In their twenties though.

Chrissie: As long as you don't get to know them, I know your policy on women, as long as you don't…

Steve: What?

Chrissie: …actually know them very well.

Steve: (different voice) They must be objects.

Chrissie: (Laughter).

Steve: Well that's cool.

Chrissie: You don't get loaded so much now anymore now though do you?

Steve: (emphatically) Never!

Chrissie: Is that why you keep it to the voyeuristic? You can't really…

Steve: I'm not really a voyeur. Sometimes…(Both laugh)

Chrissie: Liar.

Steve: Do you ever speak to Ray Davies?

Chrissie: I've spoke to him once in the last twenty three years, yes.

Steve: Cos he was there like in South by South West. (US. music festival)

Chrissie: Oh so someone told me. There was thousands of bands on, have you ever been there for that?

Steve: I went there years ago in like the 90's I think I went there.

Chrissie: It is pretty cool…

Steve: Yeah.

Chrissie: It's not Glastonbury, or anything like that, they think over here that it's their big festival but you know it's a kind of industry thing and there's barbecues all over the place, I found that pretty…

Steve: (Referring to the sound engineer Mr. Shovel) He went there.

Chrissie: It's good fun though, isn't it? Bands that…good bands in parking lots and all the bars, good little bands.

Mr. Shovel: You guys were great.

Chrissie: Oh cheers, it was a shambles I thought, we just about pulled it off. We haven't played for a couple of years.

Steve: Yeah, I heard mixed reports on your show, what you, he did say it was great, not because you're 'ere, he told me the other day, he said it was great.

Chrissie: Yeah, I didn't think it was good. But you know we had a lot of problems we were just putting a set together, you know - hadn't played for a while.

Steve: You were a bit rusty.

Chrissie: …hadn't played for a while. We were very rusty, very rusty. I don't think it was very good, couldn't connect with the audience 'cos of the…Everyone had some hearing difficulties 'cos of the, just the nature of the setup. Those bands in the parking lots were used to that but you know I was struggling. We pulled it together better last night.

Steve: Do you remember when I got up and played with you at the Hammersmith Palais?

Chrissie: Yeah I just saw it. I have a video of it.

Steve: You do?

Chrissie: Yeah. I should have brought it, I didn't think.

Steve: Doin' "What you gonna do about it?"

Chrissie: Yeah.

Steve: Was it one song?

Chrissie: It was one.

Steve: What you gonna do about it, mm.

Chrissie: Didn't you love Jimmy Scott, (James Honeyman-Scott) did you ever hang out with him? He was a great guitar player.

Steve: I liked Pete (Pete Farndon) better.

Chrissie: He was a great character.

Steve: He was more my type of bloke.

Chrissie: Yeah.

Steve: With his Triumph (British motorcycle) he really went for the fifties ton-up boy look (biker) didn't he?

Chrissie: Yeah.

Steve: He was a good player though ole er..

Chrissie: Jimmy, Jimmy was excellent, he was I think one of the guitar greats. That's why I wanted to do this boxed set, "the fish," that I'm selling today, or the reason I'm in LA. ostensibly other than to just hang out. But I think Jimmy Scott, he was like 25, 26 when he copped it.

Steve: What was all that about, I mean they both went in just such a short time?

Chrissie: Well you know, there were from Hereford so you know they were er, particularly Jimmy was already burned out by the time I met him he was already burned out. You know what they're like out in the sticks. They're just doin' a lot of drugs and…

Steve: A bit like…

Chrissie: Working- class kids.

Steve: Comin' to London it was all too much I mean?

Chrissie: Yeah and then we, you know?

Steve: You got successful a bit.

Chrissie: It was, it happened pretty fast and then you know they were real impressed with Johnny Thunders and all that mob that came over…

Steve: Right.

Chrissie: Especially Pete, the quiff, the look and that was all part of it, along with the "affectations" of being a… rocker it was like you know shooting smack and stuff so you know they got a little…not Jimmy. Jimmy was, only had time for the music and he…Jimmy died the night he went to the - it was Ronnie Laine who was having a benefit (Former bass player of the The Faces).

Steve: From multiple sclerosis…

Chrissie: Yeah, yeah and he went out and then he just ended up on…nicked some stuff…I don't know what happened.

Steve: Mmm, weird.

Chrissie: Yeah it was 'cos we'd just fired Pete two days earlier, we, we couldn't work with him anymore, he really got…

Steve: Too out of it.

Chrissie: Yeah, yeah. So out of it, it was a tragedy.

Steve: Was there like a month's difference between 'em?

Chrissie: Well no…we had to give Pete the sack and then two days later Jimmy died. Then I think er the last time I saw Pete was at Jimmy's funeral. We didn't speak. You know he was devastated to be you know asked to leave the band but you know…

Steve: I'll bet, I'll bet.

Chrissie: Both Jimmy and Martin (Martin Chambers) said that it wasn't and they were his old mates from Hereford, anyway and then he copped it about eight months later.

Steve: Mmm. I liked er…I saw he had an auction for his guitars a little while ago, I think he…

Chrissie: Who did?

Steve: Jimmy.

Chrissie: Jimmy's um..,oh…

Steve: Missus.

Chrissie: That was very naughty because he actually had willed all those guitars to his nephew but he hadn't signed the will and she took them all and sold them.

Steve: Ah, dirty…

Chrissie: Tragic.

Steve: Dirty rat.

Chrissie: She would er he would, he would be absolutely sick, sick.

Steve: Yeah.

Chrissie: Sold of his whole guitar collection, what you gonna do?

Steve: She was an American bird wasn't she?

Chrissie: Uh hmm.

Steve: What was she like? I don't think I ever met her. Was she a nice bird, who cares! That's not a good move though is it, when some bloke's dead and you do that?

Chrissie: No.

Steve: I thought he had me in the will, actually for them guitars, I'm gonna er, get on the case.

Chrissie: The guitars are all gone.

Steve: I wish I'd have known, I could have stole 'em see?

Chrissie: I wish you had done.

Steve: If you'd have told me that story. (Steve's cell phone ring-tone cuts in)

Chrissie: Is that your phone?

Steve: Yeah.

Chrissie: Class.

Steve: (Answering the phone) Yes? (pause) Yes? (pause) You imbecile!

Chrissie: Who was that?

Steve: Bleedin' manager, she goes, "Oh I didn't mean to…I just remembered you're doin' the show." See, see what I have to deal with.

Chrissie: You've got a manager?

Steve: Yeah, don't you?

Chrissie: Yeah but you know I'm a…I work.

Steve: What do you think I'm doin'?

Chrissie: (Disbelieving noise).

Steve: What, what?

Chrissie: You just have to get up and come in here every…

Steve: Bleedin' cheek! Bleedin' cheek! Lets play a song. Lets not play a song. Lets go and visit the Duke again, we're 'ere with Chrissie Hynde, we'll be right back after these lovely messages - thanks for listenin'

Ad break. Rosanna Arquette joins the interview.

Steve: (US. accent) You're listenin' to Jonesy's Jukebox on Indie 103.1.

Chrissie: With Rosanna Arquette.

Steve: A new member, er do you wanna give 'er the microphone?

Chrissie: Ok. Ro.

Steve: Use that one, Chrissie. (Referring to the microphone).

Rosanna: I came here to listen to you guys 'cos I can't wait for you both to sing.

Steve: (To Rosanna) You're a matchmaker.

Rosanna: Yeah I love you guys together.

Chrissie: I'm the matchmaker.

Steve: (Laughs).

Chrissie: Yeah aren't we a great couple? It's fart warming isn't it?

Rosanna: I was loving what I was hearing.

Chrissie: Imagine how great it was back in our…back in our day.

Steve: Was you listenin'?

Rosanna: Of course. When I was like the night at the Park and I was dying to get up here to hear you before you…because I wanted to see you guys sing together.

Steve: I watched your movie, it's interesting, there's some good stuff on there.

Rosanna: Yeah. I know you should have been in there.

Steve: Uh huh.

Rosanna: You should have been in there, hi.

Steve: Start talkin' to the microphone.

Rosanna: Oh I know. (laughs).

Chrissie: Ok. I'm trying to figure out these parts. What were we talking about? Something interesting.

Steve: Er, what was we talkin' about Shovel?

Chrissie: I think we were talking about the Pistols, or somethin' back in the…

Steve: No it was Sid and Nancy.

Chrissie: Sid and Nancy.

Rosanna: …that Nancy slept over at your house?

Chrissie: Hmm mm.

Rosanna: Really?

Chrissie: She hogged my sleeping bag, I made her popcorn.

Rosanna: (word unclear Chrissie cuts over Rosanna)

Chrissie: She was saying she wanted to marry someone but she was thinking about Sid Steve Levine

Steve: Keith Levine.

Chrissie: Keith Levine.

Steve: From PIL?

Chrissie: Yeah.

Steve: Right.

Chrissie: Cos she wanted to stay in the country but she didn't want another Jewish surname. Pure class! (General laughter)

Steve: She was a piece o' work ole Nancy.

Chrissie: Ohhh dear oh me. Ok.

Chrissie: …I'm trying to…write your (General sound of guitar being tuned)

Rosanna: Were you partying in those days, did you like get loaded with them? You didn't do that, you never got into that.

Chrissie: Nawwww. No, no, no,

Rosanna: No, you were just…you never got into drugs (slight pause) heavily? (Both laugh).

Chrissie: Well you know Ro, I was coming more from the psychedelic period.

Rosanna: That's right.

Chrissie: Ok. I tried not to go down, I tried not to. Let me put it that way. Like Steve.

Steve: What?

Chrissie: Steve, you used to have that pink suit. You had all that whole closet worth of that sort of Elvis looking stuff, you used to…

Steve: Was that from Johnston Johnston?

Chrissie: I don't know but you used to dress up and preen yourself.

Steve: I did?

Chrissie: Yeah.

Rosanna: He still does as well.

Chrissie: I think maybe only me and Linda knew about those days.

Rosanna: He's looking quite handsome, you like him with the glasses? I think he looks handsome.

Steve: Well I need 'em. I'm bleedin'…(Chrissie and Rosanna laugh)

Steve: Can't read a bleedin' thing without 'em.

Chrissie: I liked it when you had the long blonde hair, I thought that was kind of sexy.

Steve: When was that late…eight…nineties?

Chrissie: I'd have thought it was…I thought it was recently in the last ten years anyway.

Steve: Nineties. That's when I was er doin' a couple o' solo albums.

Chrissie: See I can't concentrate…what part are you going to take on this song?

Steve: I have no idea.

Chrissie: Just do what you…

Rosanna: I wanna hear you guys sing just (indistinguishable multiple voices).

Steve: Oh no. (Referring to Chrissie's hand written note) Oh is 'S' is that for me?

Chrissie: Oh I started it but do you want me to finish it?

Chrissie and Steve now improvise a jam: "Do I need your arms around me?"
Song finishes.

Rosanna: Doesn't she have the most beautiful voice in the world.

Steve: Huh?

Rosanna: : Doesn't she have the almost most beautiful voice in the world?

Chrissie: Ohhhh Ro.

Steve: She does have a gorgeous..,.

Rosanna: (To Chrissie) You do!

Steve: Know what's good about it is? You know it's her when you hear it.

Rosanna: There's no one can sound like you.

Steve: (US. Accent) Nobody!

Rosanna: That's right.

Steve: (Same accent) Nobody!

Rosanna: She's playin'at the "House of Blues" tonight, do you know that?

Steve: Mmm?

Chrissie: He's not comin' out.

Rosanna: You'd better come.

Steve: The house of pancakes.

Chrissie: If you come you can see me do my harmonica solo.

Steve: Yeah?

Rosanna: And she's really good.

Steve: Can I get a laminate (back-stage pass) if I come?

Chrissie: I'm sure we can sort something out. Why, you don't want to mix with the punters?

Steve: (Serious voice) I'm above them! (Steve is tuning his guitar again)

Chrissie: You wanna do another one? (referring to another song)

Steve: I was terrible.

Chrissie: What have you got?

Steve: I was terrible.

Chrissie: (Wearily but emphatically) No Steve!

Rosanna: If you come tonight Steve, you can play a song with her.

Steve: You make me nervous….

Rosanna: Steve Jones!

Steve: …you sing better.

Rosanna: Well she's you know…Chrissie Hynde.

Chrissie: You play better.

Rosanna: You're gonna play the guitar better.

Chrissie: You're Jones! You're Steve Jones.

Steve: Yeah that's right, I'm yeah!

Rosanna: Come on man. (both Rosanna and Chrissie laugh),

Steve launches into the next song in the jam.

Steve: You know this one?

Plays "This could be the last time." Song finishes - they all forget lyrics.

Steve: Ah…see I can never remember lyrics. Terrible at remembering words.

Chrissie: You know more.

Rosanna: You know you guys are a good couple I have to say. (Steve continues strumming) I like you guys as a couple!

Steve: It would never work - she lives in England.

Chrissie: It wouldn't work.

Steve: She lives in Maida Vale it would never work.

Chrissie: He's too perverted.

Steve: I'd have… there wouldn't be no…sex.

Rosanna: Yeah we talked about this last time I was here cos he…

Chrissie: I know he's, he can't…

Rosanna: …the intimacy.

Steve: I would just be watchin'

Chrissie: You told me you can't fuck a bird once you get to know them.

Rosanna: (Sharp intake of breath).

Steve: Yeah she's swearin' again, look.

Rosanna: (In lowered voice) Oh shooooot, you're not allowed to swear you, get in big trouble.

Steve: (Mock gravely) I've done it now.

Rosanna: It's so much money , it costs so much money for Steve. (Steve makes subtle choking laugh type noise).

Chrissie: I don't think anyone that listens to Jonesy's jukebox… (Rosanna laughs) …is gonna be offended.

Steve: See, she's already costin' me money.

Rosanna: No, no it's bad.

Steve: Well we got a thing, we got a thing…as long it…

Rosanna: See she's so punk rock, she expects it.

Steve: …as long as you're swearin' at intervals, we're alright., right Shovel? (Talking to Mr. Shovel).

Rosanna: Can you cut it out?

Steve: Yeah we can cut it out but as long as you don't do it too many times…

Chrissie: I didn't mean to do it Steve.

Steve: No I know that you didn't… (? Too many people talking at once here).

Rosanna: She made a big mistake.

Chrissie: What about you on the Grundy show?

Steve: Oh I knew that one was comin'

Rosanna: The best thing I ever saw.

Steve: Oh I knew that was coming.

Rosanna: Tellin' that guy off.

Chrissie: You dirty…

Steve: What a rotter.

Rosanna: That was so great.

Steve: Go on you have another couple of minutes, what a rotter…(laughs).

Rosanna: You can say wanker, can you say that?

Steve: (Talking to Mr. Shovel) What you got there, oh you gotta.

Mr. Shovel: (Referring to previous "language") So far we gotta eff a chicken and eff a bird.

Steve: Oh. Ok.

Chrissie: Uh huh.

Steve: (Belches) Pardon.

Chrissie: Uh bring it up again and we'll vote on it.

Steve: Mmm. (tuning guitar again) I wish I knew a song that we could sing.

Chrissie: Think of another one Steve.

Steve: Ah, who are you a big fan of, are you a big fan of fifties?

Chrissie: I guess. A little before my time.

Steve: What about you, think of a song. Rosanne.

Rosanna: In the fifties? I never really liked the fifties.

Steve: Or any song, think of a song, a song that she knows.

Chrissie: She likes that real hippy stuff.

Rosanna: (Protesting) I like, I love rock and roll, what are you talkin' about?

Chrissie: No you're a bit more rock than most of the rockers I know. You are. Definitely.

Rosanna: I like er, did you ever like Traffic?

Chrissie: Of course. Forty thousand headlamps…

Steve: (Breaking in) I hate Traffic.

Rosanna: Did you?

Chrissie: Ok.

Steve: There's lots of it in LA. as well.

Chrissie: Ummm

Steve: Broom, broom, broom, broom (or boom boom?)

Chrissie: And the boom!

Rosanna: I would say

Chrissie: Urge overkill. Did you ever have any of those guys on? That was a great band.

Rosanna: I would say, see I would say, I think you guys should sing a Sex Pistols song.

Steve: You went out with 'im right?

Chrissie: Yeah well that's not the reason I was talkin' about the band.

Steve: Oh.

Chrissie: I was saying that was a great band.

Steve: Duh duh duh duh der der der der.

Chrissie: That saturation album is one of my favourites.

Steve: Sister Havana? Sister Havana.

Chrissie: Yeah, it's excellent. Who did you have on the show?

Steve: Un yeah er um what's his name er um

Chrissie: "Nash" Kato.

Steve: Nash and um er..

Chrissie: Blackie? Ed Roeser, King?

Steve: Not the drummer, the other bloke.

Chrissie: Oh yeah the King.

Steve: Yeah.

Chrissie: Excellent band

Steve breaks into a song.

Rosanna: I wanna be your dog.

Chrissie: Sing it Ro!

Plays short version of I wanna be your dog. Forgets lyrics.

Steve: I'm not doin' a duet.

Rosanna: (Laughs) You can sing that song!

Steve: I would, I would, I just don't remember words.

Rosanna: Well "I wanna be your dog," you remember.

Steve: Eh?

Begins again (general laughter)

Steve: (singing) Now I'm ready to close my eyes - next line? It's pointless doing it like this!

Chrissie: (Sings a little more) You've had Iggy on the show haven't you?

Steve: No, on the phone!

Sounds of all three making dog yapping, barking and howling noises. .Gets a little further then stops.

Steve: Oh look, you made me drop me pick!

Rosanna: That was fan- oh I'll get it for you.

Steve: Lets play a song. We're here…

Chrissie: This is pathetic what's happening here.

Steve: We're here…It's not, it's fantastic.

Chrissie: You've probably lost all your listeners.

Steve: (Shouting) Come back! (Lowering voice) she's leavin' in a little while.

Chrissie: Ratings have plundered…

Steve: You're listenin' to Jonesy's Jukebox with Chrissie Hynde and Rosanna Arquette has joined us now and we're gonna play a song, we're gonna play somethin' really good.

Chrissie: You've got to save the show now Steve.

Steve: Ok. This, we're gonna come right back, this should bring you back to Hammersmith Odeon when I got up and played with you. Take it away Mr. Shovel.

Steve: You're listenin' to Jonesy's Jukebox on Indie103.1 with my guest Chrissie Hynde and Rosanna Arquette.

Rosanna: I'm just a groupie here. (Laughs)

Chrissie: Lets get back to what you were saying during Jimmy's guitar solo (referring to track of Pretenders album that Steve had just played) there that he nicked some of that from you.

Steve: The one bit where it goes, "duh duh duh duh duh." I mean I don't know if you notice it but I've done that a few times - and we had the same producer, Chris Thomas produced "Bollocks" ….

Chrissie: Yeah.

Steve: And then went onto produce your album…

Chrissie: Well I doubt…

Steve: …and there's a good poss, there's a gooood possibility.

Chrissie: ...I don't want to accuse a dead man of anything…

Steve: Yeah ok, I'll let 'im off.

Chrissie: But what I do want to discuss right here…

Steve: Yeah.

Chrissie: …is this photograph of you which has brought to my attention of what you looked like twenty five years ago.

Steve: Gorgeous.

Chrissie: To my credit…

Steve: That's when we 'ad sex.


Steve: Is that what you wanna say?

Chrissie: I just…

Steve: You 'ad me when I was better lookin'.

Chrissie: Alright, you said it, I didn't say it.

Steve: I don't care. (pause) I'm not that bad! I mean I…

Rosanna: (surprised) You mean you guys did it? You guys slept together? (laughs).

Steve: I told yer that last time you was 'ere.

Rosanna: I know I'm teasing, I know.

Steve: I'm sure she told you everything.

Chrissie: I don't think we ever slept together.

Steve: Did you tell her…

Rosanna: You said you, "slept together," like in the same bed but nothing happened.

Steve: "I might like you better if we slept together." (Reference to a song which had been getting a lot of air-play on Indie 103.1). "I might like you better if we slept together."

Chrissie: I thing we're getting a little, away from the musical agenda of the programme here.

Rosanna: Right…

Steve: Do you remember that song though?

Rosanna: …but people love that.

Steve: That was a song I was just singing there.

Rosanna: Yes.

Steve: Who sung that, "Concrete?" (Asks Mr. Shovel if he can tell Steve the band's name) new…?

Mr. Shovel: "Romeo Void."

Steve: "Romeo Void," excellent.

Steve: That was the Pretenders, from an album, "The Pretenders" that was your first album and that was "Tattooed love boys." Produced by Chris Thomas who stole that bit off the lead in the solo…

Chrissie: (laughs).

Steve: …and then we had Dion before that doin' "Lovers who wander."

Chrissie: How do you know all this old stuff?

Steve: Er you know, I was into the fifties stuff, cos my mum used to listen to it and I was into er..she used to play it in the sixties.

Chrissie: See what the yanks don't know is how tribal that stuff is in England. The purist rockabilly thing.

Steve: Yeah the Teddy boy thing.

Chrissie: Yep, they don't know from Teddy boys here.

Steve: Yeah I know. What were they 'ere, greasers?

Chrissie: No there wasn't anything like it, there wasn't anything quite like it…

Steve: Not with them…

Chrissie: Not with that kind of stylish thing.

Steve: The drapes and the drain pipes (straight-leg trousers).

Chrissie: Well, the fifties thing, I don't know - what was it called Ro?

Rosanna: Well I think he was right, "the greasers."

Chrissie: (doubtfully) hmmmmm.

Steve: It was like "Edwardian."

Rosanna: It was like the closest thing to it.

Chrissie: Greasers was more of a biker thing, a "greaser" is a biker.

Steve: Yeah but they 'ad the James Dean, that was er…

Rosanna: But didn't the Teddy boy's wear top hats and all?

Steve: No.

Rosanna: I thought they…

Steve: They just had the quiffs…

Chrissie: They had quiffs.

Steve: …the Elvisy kinda thing.

Chrissie: But we didn't have brothel creepers or anything like that over here.

Steve: No it must have came from Elvis…

Chrissie: Yeah it was from the fifties.

Steve: And they put their own little…

Chrissie: The drape coats and the yep..

Steve: Well Elvis never 'ad a drape coat but the hair-do…

Chrissie: Mmm. The English took it.

Steve: Another level.

Chrissie: …a step higher. They took it up to another level and…

Steve: Supposedly that them like long coats are like from Edwardian times, that's when..

Chrissie: Yeah their dandified thing.

Steve: Yeah.

Chrissie: Of course the Americans we all thought that the English were's only when you got really got over there and got close-up you could see how rank and seedy…

Steve: See the black heads yeah.

Chrissie: Yeah.

Steve: And the rotten teeth. (laughs)

Chrissie: Yeah which was really kind of…attractive.

Steve: It was disgusting, it really was.

Chrissie: It was disgusting. But you know if you liked that sort of thing.

Steve: In England back then, no one 'ad showers.

Chrissie: No there was no hot water.

Steve: There was no such thing as a shower.

Chrissie: No…

Steve: There was a tin bath.

Chrissie: …and also English guys they thought if they washed their hair that they would go bald.

Steve: There was a tin bath. Did they?

Chrissie: Yeah.

Steve: You know what made 'em bald is "Brylcreem," remember ""Brylcreem?" (a once popular hair preparation for men). That stuff apparently wasn't too good…

Chrissie: So how have you managed to keep yours, I notice yours is slicked back?

Steve: I never used "Brylcreem."

Chrissie: You've got a kind of greaser thing going today though.

Steve: Today I 'ave.

Rosanna: You've got a lot of hair.

Steve: My mum's gotta lotta 'air. I got it from my mum. Do you wanna hear my mum? Here ya are.

Rosanna: Did she give you a call?

Steve: Yeah she's called before, 'ere listen.

Rosanna: Did she?

Chrissie: Ok.

Steve: 'Old on I'm gonna take a second.

Rosanna: Did she call the other day?

Steve: No, no. I fell out with 'er for many years.

Rosanna: Oh.

Chrissie: But when you came over to stay at that little flat that I'd had that was the first time you'd seen her in years wasn't it?

Steve: Yes that's right, that's right.

Chrissie: Uh huh.

Steve: That was weird coming back. I 'adn't come back in you know…

Chrissie: I encouraged that move didn't I

Steve: You did darlin'

Chrissie: Was I wrong?

Steve: No, you were right. You were right. I was completely spaced out though, I hadn't been - it was like a culture shock - I hadn't been back in England for like twelve years. I came over 'ere and we, in New York was it the Professionals? And Steve English…

Chrissie: Oh yeah.

Steve:…threatened to beat me up, so I stayed in New York and I didn't go back to England for twelve years and that's when I came back and stayed…

Chrissie: Just because he threatened to beat you up?

Steve: Well that was the initial reason.

Rosanna: (Unintelligible?)

Steve: I was a mess, I was a mess.

Chrissie: Yeah I know yeah.

Steve…but it was a God send as well cos it got…

Chrissie: Well hey look you're a big shot now. Think of what a mess you would have been if you'd stayed over there.

Steve: Oh God.

Chrissie: People here couldn't even imagine that.

Steve: No I would have …

Chrissie: What a state you'd be in.

Steve: …I'd be one of them Teddy boys right now.

Chrissie: You reckon?

Steve: Teeth like cigarette butts for teeth.

Chrissie: Oh fat, beer gut, tea stains all down your…

Steve: Tight little jeans…

Chrissie: Yeah.

Steve: With a beer gut 'anging over the side. Gawd! (all laugh). Skinny little…

Chrissie: Much, much the way you look today. (laughing)

Steve: (raised voice) Ok. That's it , mum, mum! (Steve calls for "back-up" in the shape of his mum. Holds up the cell phone to the mic.)

Steve's Mum: 'Ello, this is mummy, I wanna know how my little baby's getting' on. Byeee.

Rosanna: Ahhhh.

Chrissie: So, that was heart warming, Steve.

Steve: She's sweet, right?

Rosanna: Yeah.

Chrissie: You don't sound anything like her.

Rosanna: And you're ok with your mum now aren't you (?)..relationship…

Chrissie: Let's hear that again.

(Steve plays a different recording)

Steve's mum: "Hello this is Mrs. Jones and you're listening to Jonesy's Jukebox on Indie one oh three one. "

Steve: If you didn't know I got 'er to do that one.

Rosanna: I love that, that's great.

Chrissie: Uh huh.

Steve: Well I love it 'cos she's just tryin' to be "proper" Sound as proper as possible cos she knew…

Chrissie: She's trying to sound posh isn't she?

Steve: Cos I said, "I'm gonna put this on the radio," so do it, like the first one she didn't know, she just left a message. (answer phone message begins again)

Chrissie: Let's hear that one.

Steve: Listen.

Steve's Mum: 'Ello, this is mummy, I wanna know how my little baby's getting' on. Byeee.

Steve: See the difference? She's all cocky there.

Chrissie: Yeah.

Steve: Cos she's just leavin' a message.

Chrissie: Yeah. They don't know about the class thing here.

Steve: (In agreement) Mmmm - no.

Chrissie: They don't know from just being… you for example being like a big working-class…

Rosanna: Hero.

Steve: Yobbo. (Delinquent youth).

Chrissie: Yob!

Steve: Yeah.

Rosanna: Oh working class hero, that's a good song. John Lennon song.

Chrissie: Big working-class yob. Over here they probably think you're like an English gent.

Steve: Yeah, it gets, it gets…

Chrissie: You…have quite…you have got away with murder haven't you?

Steve: You got to milk it. Milk what you got. That's what I say.

Chrissie: Well what exactly are you referring to?

Steve: What am I selling you mean? I'm just bein' me, leave me alone. Do we have a song?

Chrissie: That's one thing being yourself, I'll give you that.

Steve: Thank you. We're gonna visit the Duke again, we're here with Chrissie Hynde and Rosanna Arquette. The "sex-therapist" We'll be right back after these lovely messages. (Rosanna laughs) Thanks for listenin'

Commercial break.

Steve: You're listening to Jonesy's Jukebox on Indie 1031. I'm just an Englishman, milking it. And we've got Chrissie Hynde in the studio, ex-lover of mine (Chrissie laughs) and Rosanna Arquette, the sex therapist.

Chrissie: Bloody hell…if I'd known before I came in…you dirty…

Steve: You dirty rotter. What a bleedin' rotter.

Chrissie: You haven't changed much…physically.

Rosanna: No, actually he's changed a lot though, wouldn't you say?

Steve: Yeah. A lot.

Rosanna: Yeah…he doesn't do that sex, drugs and rock and roll, well, the sex stuff, sorry. The drugs and rock and roll…

Steve: The sex thing is, it's out of habit, more than anything, I talk about sex…I really don't sleep around a lot at all anymore.

Rosanna: You just stay home and watch movies.

Steve: Watch things…(both laugh)

Rosanna: Look at Chrissie's face.

Steve: Do you have brothers and sisters? I know nothing…

Chrissie: I have a brother.

Steve: …nothing about your background.

Chrissie: You don't need to know.

Rosanna: He was a musician, though.

Chrissie: He is a musician.

Steve: Your parents still alive?

Chrissie: Yes, they are. They live in Ohio.

Steve: Yeah. You talk to them?

Chrissie: Yeah, I talk to them. I've rented an apartment in Akron so I can go and visit more often.

Steve: Really?

Chrissie: Yeah. I still have my roots. You know, I went from Akron to London. I never lived anywhere else in the States.

Steve: Yeah.

Chrissie: So I go back there and, you know, I have my Akron… shtick, my friends there and stuff.

Steve: What, what made you get out of there? Is it just an industrial, horrible place?

Chrissie: Nah. I just didn't want to be in the States. I could see this whole car culture coming in, I didn't want to have to buy a car so I could get to work so I could pay for my car and get stuck into that whole malaise of…it's just become one big sprawling metroplex. And of course I grew up on all that English music. I was dying to get over there and you know, see the bad teeth up close.

Steve: Did you, did you want to be in a band back then?

Chrissie: Of course. Always.

Steve: When you were young.

Chrissie: Yeah. I started playing the guitar when I was really young and stuff, listening to all the bands but, being a girl, I was, I never played with the guys in the art room and stuff. I was you know, at home playing. I wouldn't mix it. I was too shy with the guys. It was only during that sort of, punk thing.

Steve: Yeah.

Chrissie: In fact, it was down the King's Road, I went…it was a woman…you wouldn't have known her. She lived above the uh, Barclay's Bank and she, her son, Quentin, he had a little band. They were all about fourteen. They, they hung around with the Heavy Metal Kids. Gary Holton used to hang around there and I went in there for some reason one day, I don't know, buy some pot or something and um, they…I heard the little kids playing and I said, "Wow, what's that?" and I showed them how to play "White Light, White Heat" cos they only knew a couple of heavy metal…well you know, not really interesting songs. That's when I remembered that I could play and everything. That was a big turning point for me.

Steve: Yeah.

Chrissie: Well, then when that punk thing happened, I knew I could get in there without it being too much of a novelty, being a chick. Of course, it, you know, served me well. I've never…it made it easier being a girl because guys would carry my guitars and tune 'em and stuff.

Steve: I never carried your guitar.

Chrissie: I'll bet you did.

Steve: I'll bet I didn't. I'd carry it now, though.

Chrissie: I'll bring it up.

Steve: Really? I've got a guitar here. Let's re-enact it…

Rosanna: You can carry it tonight.

Steve: …I'll make like it's yours and I'll carry that out when we leave.

Chrissie: Okay.

Steve: Do you want me to come and see you tonight?

Chrissie: If you want. It's up to you.

Rosanna: House of Blues. Tonight.

Chrissie: Do you ever go out at night?

Steve: The House of Everything But Blues. Yeah, I might come out.

Chrissie: Why don't you? Come with Ro.

Steve: Give me a couple of laminates.

Chrissie: Well, you'll get in, don't worry.

Steve: I might bring a young bird with me, though.

Rosanna: (gasps) Oh…

Chrissie: It's alright.

Steve: You gonna be offended?

Rosanna: No.

Chrissie: How…how young…as long as it's not illegal, I don't care.

Steve: No, they're in their twenties. That's my range.

Rosanna: (dismayed) Twenties?

Steve: Twenty to thirty. That's my range. Is that bad?

Rosanna: No, it's not bad.

Steve: I've always liked young crumpet. Even when I was young.

Rosanna: Well who wouldn't. They're beautiful.

Chrissie: Yeah, me too. I haven't changed, either.

Rosanna: Do you have a lot to talk about?

Chrissie: I mean, if you still looked like that (referring to the photo of a much younger Steve)…you know. Things change.

Steve: I'll just stick that to on me forehead tonight. (both laugh)

Rosanna: Do you have a current young bird?

Steve: No.

Chrissie: Look, I'm too old for you and you're too old for me and that's…it is what it is.

Steve: That's fine. That's fine with me.

Chrissie: We move on.

Rosanna: You should see the beautiful young men she has. In the past.

Steve: I'm sure she does. Not because she's good looking, though - cos she's famous.

Rosanna: No, because she's…they just love her.

Chrissie: You're a real charmer, aren't you, Steve?

Rosanna: She's beautiful. She is so sexy.

Chrissie: I never had any problem. I never had any problem.

Steve: I'll bet you don't. I'll bet you don't. You like young blokes, then?

Chrissie: You know, I'm not too, too…I'm not real choosy, you know. As long as they're not ambitious and they're not too stuck into anything. I don't like guys that have stuff and are into, you know, having…

Steve: Like losers.

Chrissie: No, not losers. Renounced guys who aren't too…you know, who don't want anything. I don't like, you know…I would never go out with a business man or even a guy who, you know, is into…

Rosanna: She likes an artist that just…

Chrissie: I like street guys. Street guys…

Steve: I don't like famous people.

Chrissie: I don't like famous people, either. They're a pain in the ass. Too much attention. I like my private affairs to remain private and I would never be attracted to someone who wanted to be in the spotlight cos you know, it's too crappy.

Steve: Right, right, right…

Chrissie: So, you know, I like real, you know…

Steve: I get intimidated if I have sex with famous people. I think of…I'm not in the moment. I'm thinking of like…US (Hello!-type magazines) magazine or something when I'm having sex with them and I can't focus.

Rosanna: So, you've had sex with a lot of famous people, have you? Hmmm. Hmmm?

Chrissie: Instead of thinking of "Hustler" magazine?

Steve: No…it's just, you think…you see 'em as these other things.

Chrissie: I don't want to be around people who like the attention.

Steve: No…no…no.

Chrissie: And actors, I think they're too self absorbed. I wouldn't be interested in anything like that.

Steve: Not actors. None.

Chrissie: Uh uh. I like humble cartoonists. That sort of thing.

Steve: Crumb…like Crumb?

Chrissie: S. Clay Wilson, that's more my speed.

Steve: Didn't he do your poster, you said?

Chrissie: Yeah, he'd done the poster in our boxed set.

Steve: The new boxed set…its that one that just came out?

Chrissie: Yeah, I think it's out now.

Rosanna: Pirate radio.

Steve: What label is it on?

Chrissie: Rhino.

Steve: Oh, Rhino is it? Everything's on Rhino.

Chrissie: I'm not suggesting anyone buy it, you know…you can tape it or whatever…

Rosanna: I think everyone should buy it. It's all her amazing stuff and stuff out of the vaults. It's amazing.

Steve: You got into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, didn't ya?

Chrissie: Yeah.

Steve: Did you enjoy doing that?

Chrissie: Not particularly, no. I did enjoy being on stage with Neil Young, of course. I didn't…I was in Brazil. I didn't want to be dragged out of my hole to you know, get this…I think the whole award culture, the Grammy culture really stinks. I want nothing to do with it. You know, we got in bands so we could avoid all that stuff…

Steve: Yeah.

Chrissie: …and I think, I see it as an industry thing. Everyone said like, "Oh, a big honor. You should…" you know, and everyone's always telling you how you should feel. They always know how you should feel…

Steve: Right, right, right, right.

Chrissie: …which I find really…you guys blew it. You would have gone if John wanted to go though, wouldn't you?

Steve: Probably.

Chrissie: You would have liked it, would have, could have done well over there.

Steve: You know what, I think that was the best move we ever did, not going.

Rosanna: It was so "punk rock," not going.

Steve: No, no, forget "punk rock." I watched it on TV yesterday. It was horrendous.

Rosanna: I heard it was the worst show ever.

Steve: It was horrible. I was so glad that he didn't want to go and do that. I was so happy.

Rosanna: Some weird thing happened with Blondie or something…

Steve: You didn't want to go. I remember she said you didn't want to go. You were fighting and screaming that you didn't want to go.

Rosanna: You, you didn't want to go.

Chrissie: No, but you know it meant…you know, my parents, it meant something to my parents, you know. Because it validates your, you know, that you actually got a job and stuff.

Steve: Yeah.

Chrissie: But I got in a band so I wouldn't have to do stuff like that.

Steve: Where's your award?

Chrissie: I don't know. I didn't bring it back.

Rosanna: I had your Gibson award. Remember, I picked up your Gibson award?

Chrissie: Yeah, I don't keep that stuff.

Steve: Really?

Chrissie: No.

Steve: You can give it to me. I can flog it on ebay.

Chrissie: …I'll ask Gail if it's where it is. You can have it. You're welcome to it.

Steve: You promise? Now, you heard it, everyone! She said I can have it.

Chrissie: Oh, yeah…I wouldn't renege on not giving Steve my award. I don't want the award…

Steve: Should we play a song?

Chrissie: What about you? What did you do with yours? Does that mean that you didn't get your little trophy?

Steve: No. I think, I think the bloke…

Rosanna: He got the trophy.

Steve: No, we didn't. The bloke, well we…the bloke said, whoever that Zan Winter, Jann Winter…whatever his name is…

Rosanna: Jann Wenner?

Steve: He said, he got up and read the statement that we, what we had and he said that uh, if want our awards, they're gonna be in the museum in, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Rosanna: There you go.

Chrissie: I mean, I appreciate you know, the people behind…they're trying…they think what they're…it's an industry thing, you know. It's the kind of patting everyone on the back and but the, the reward being in a rock band is that you get to be in a rock band. Who wants any…I don't, I didn't want any, anything else than that. Did you? Other than the birds?

Steve: The birds after the show? No, I like, I like having me own lifestyle. I don't like…I couldn't dream of doing a job where you're told what to do, like most of the world has to do.

Chrissie: Yeah.

Steve: Those that have jobs. We're so lucky to be able to do what we want to do.

Chrissie: Absolutely.

Rosanna: Making a living doing what you love to do.

Steve: You set your time when you want to get up and that's it…

Chrissie: But a lot of that requires keeping it in the dark, where you can have your kind of…you know. You don't have to be exposed to the public all that much. That's what I didn't like about it.

Steve: But you've got to have some talent, too. Otherwise everyone would be famous rock and rollers, whatever.

Chrissie: Yeah…well, you know rock and roll…what's it about? I don't know if it's about talent. It's more about, you know…

Steve: You've written some great songs. I'm not just stroking you cos you're here.

Chrissie: Oh, cheers, Steve.

Steve: But you have. Not anyone can do that.

Rosanna: No.

Chrissie: Well…hmm…

Rosanna: Everybody tries to emulate her, I mean a lot of people…(unintelligible)

Steve: Most birds in bands…

Rosanna: …want to rock…Chrissie Hynde…(unintelligible)

Steve: …and Janis Joplin, which I don't get. I don't get that.

Chrissie: Oh, Janis is…you know its only…

Rosanna: You didn't like Janis?

Chrissie: …if you just do your thing. If you do your thing, that's all you have to do. You don't have to be anyone else. That's all rock is.

Steve: Right.

Chrissie: It's just being yourself and so, you know, anyone can do that, I guess if you…

Rosanna: And then you have an angel voice like you.

Steve: She used to hate her voice.

Rosanna: Ach. It's the most beautiful, and it's for some…most you see later in years, their voices don't sound as…her voice is better than ever. She's singing incredibly well.

Chrissie: Thank you, Ro.

Rosanna: Yeah.

Chrissie: I'll do a song for you tonight.

Rosanna: Thank you.

Steve: Really?

Rosanna: You've gotta come!

Steve: We're really stroking each other ain't we?

Rosanna: You've got to come out. Well you should play tonight, if you come. Steve Jones, come out there…c'mon Steve…

Chrissie: You wanna get on stage? What do you want to play?

Steve: What could we do?

Rosanna: That would be so amazing…

Steve: What could we do…

Rosanna: Steve Jones. You've got to go.

Steve: Yeah, Steve Jones…me!

Rosanna: I love it.

Chrissie: Come to the sound check…come to the sound check…

Steve: Lets think about it…let's think about it…let's think about it…

Chrissie: Well, we'll cook something up at the sound check.

Steve: All right.

Chrissie: I think it's a good idea. So, listeners…if you can…

Steve: It's sold out.

Chrissie: If you can blag a ticket and get to the House of Blues tonight, you can see…we could re-enact some of those magic moments that you've heard so much about this morning.

Steve: On stage.

Chrissie: On stage.

Steve: We'll make out the stage is a toilet.

Rosanna: We'll pretend like we're in Amsterdam.

Steve: We'll make out the stage is a toilet when we re-enact.

Rosanna: Or Hamburg…it's Hamburg, sorry…

Steve: Hamburgers? Hot dogs…

Rosanna: Hamburg, Germany…

Steve: Lichtenstein? Um, what we doing, Shovel? Play a song? We gonna visit the Duke again and we'll be right back and we'll be wrapping it up right? We're here with Chrissie Hynde…Rosanna Arquette and you're listening to Jonesy's Jukebox. Thanks for listening.

(after commercials)

Steve: You've been listening to Jonesy's Jukebox on Indie 1031 with my old flame, Chrissie Hynde.

Chrissie: Oh, it's…the pleasure once again, has been…all yours, I believe.

Steve: But I was twenty…was I twenty or younger at the time?

Chrissie: I think you were pushing nineteen.

Steve: Around nineteen.

Chrissie: …to my credit.

Steve: Yes, and I was much better looking than I am now, thanks a lot. And um, Rosanna Arquette, the sex therapist, video maker, director, documentary-er and actress.

Rosanna: Oh, yeah.

Steve: How did it go…

Chrissie: And sex symbol.

Steve: How did it, how did it go down your…uh, your…on, on Showtime?

Rosanna: People dug it. I think it got a great response from people who love music and you know, she's a part of it and yeah…

Steve: I saw her, sitting on the bed. Where was that shot, in the hotel?

Rosanna: We were in a hotel. The Charlotte Street Hotel. In London.

Chrissie: You haven't been there since those places have been there. You should come back to London.

Rosanna: Yeah.

Steve: No. Are they showing it a lot?

Rosanna: Yeah. They've been showing it around and got some great…

Chrissie: I didn't want to be in it, but she would have never let me…

Steve: Why didn't you want to be in it?

Chrissie: You know…if Ro wants you to do something, you have to. She's like Gary Stretch. Did you meet Stretchy?

Steve: Yeah, of course.

Chrissie: Has he been on the show?

Rosanna: (unintelligible, talking under them)

Steve: No.

Chrissie: You should get him on the show.

Steve: I like him. I like him.

Chrissie: Did you see "Dead Man's Shoes", the film he's in.

Steve: No.

Chrissie: He's fantastic.

Steve: Is it good?

Chrissie: Excellent. He's great. He's great.

Steve: Yeah?

Rosanna: You who's…a great movie to see, if anybody's…"Sorry Haters" with Robin Wright Penn. She's a genius and the film is great…it's a…

Chrissie: Yeah, I love her.

Rosanna: Brilliant, brilliant actress and if anybody has a chance to see it, it's playing in downtown L.A. "Sorry Haters", Robin Wright Penn.

Steve: That was Sean Penn's wife, right?

Rosanna: Yeah, but she's an actress, actor in her own right. Yes, and she happens to be married to Sean, but she's a brilliant actress and the movie's fantastic. Just gonna plug her because I think she's a brilliant…

Chrissie: I think that she's worth it.

Steve: So…Pretenders, you've got…you're…going as The Pretenders?

Chrissie: (laughing) Well, I think we'll go on as The Pretenders…The Pretenders, featuring Steve Jones.

Steve: Yessss…in his blue, shiny suit.

Chrissie: Yeah.

Rosanna: Yeah, I'm excited. You're gonna play.

Steve: I ain't done it yet.

Rosanna: Well, you'll be there.

Steve: Yeah?

Chrissie: But you are, you have committed yourself, so…

Steve: Yes, and you've committed to giving me your bleedin' thing from the Hall Of Fame…that I can flog on ebay.

Chrissie: Okay.

Rosanna: You're not going to sell it on ebay, you just keep it here.

Steve: I'm not leaving it in here. It'll get pinched in here.

Rosanna: Oh, okay. All right.

Steve: All right, we're gonna wrap it up, um…do we have a song, Shovel? We got um…you ever heard this band, Louis XIV?

Rosanna: Oh yeah.

Steve: This is a good song. This is my favorite song. It's called, "Illegal Tender". Thanks for coming by.

Chrissie: Thanks for having us.

Steve: And thanks for listening.

Rosanna: To Jonesy's Jukebox.

Steve: And I'll see you tonight. We'll be rocking out.

Chrissie: We'll be rockin'.

Steve: Take it away, Mr. Shovel.

Chrissie: Thank you, dear, dear listeners.

End of interview.

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