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Jonesy's Jukebox 17th February 20076 Guest: Alexi Lalas (Hollywood United)

Alexi Lalas: Hey, you were telling me earlier that you're obviously feeling better and you're in shape, which you are…are you going to go out and play, or what?

Steve: What, football?

Alexi: No, no.

Steve: Oh, rock and roll?

Alexi: Yes.

Steve: There is talk about us doing some shows in the summer.

Alexi: I was driving up here, I was like, “I've gotta ask him, I've gotta figure out what's going on.”

Steve: Yeah…Sex Pistols…there's a good chance, very good chance that we'll be playing in London in the summer and Moscow, and Japan. There's a good chance.

Alexi: Like, Moscow the…

Steve: Well as you would say, “MosCOW”.

Alexi: Wow, you're going to go to MosCOW.

Steve: (imitates U.S. sort of accent) Yeah, MosCOW and sacker (soccer). Yeah. Apparently.

Alexi: How do you feel about going to Moscow?

Steve: I'm a bit, I'm a bit wary. We was talking (earlier in the show) about being kidnapped and all that. I'm a bit wary there. They're a funny mob.

Alexi: It's like the wild west out there now.

Steve: Yeah, anything goes.

Alexi: Hey, you'll fit in. You'll be fine.

Steve: Bit worried for me life.

Alexi: You'll be good. That's great!

Steve: Yeah. So…you still won't get to see us.

Alexi: No. So, what – you just don't want to do anything in the States or what?

Steve: No, we played here about…I think we get more money in places like that. We've never been to Moscow, we'll probably get more dough there.

Alexi: So, it's not about the art?

Steve: No. It's always about the dough nowadays. You kidding me?

Alexi: (laughs)

Steve: I mean, don't get me wrong, I don't mind playing but, it's about time we got paid. We never got paid.

Alexi: Right. So you're making up for lost time.

Steve: Green Day's took all our money.

Alexi: (laughs) Oh, here we go…

Steve: Not that I'm resentful or nothing. (laughs) No, good luck to them. But you know…them days are gone, to me, when people would say, “Oh, you sold out, you sold out.” Sold out to what? What does that mean, “selling out”. What does that mean?

Alexi: I don't know. At this point it's all been blurred.

Steve: We earned our brownies last year when we turned down the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. What more…you know what I mean?

Alexi: Yeah.

Steve: “Selling out”.

Alexi: So, two shows in each city?

Steve: I say, “Sell everything, take the money”.

Alexi: Sell everything…well, that's what we're trying to do.

Steve: Yeah. Do you think I'll be able to get him on The Box, Beckham?

Alexi: I don't know. I'll ask him. I'm the “Ambassador” (a title bestowed upon him by Steve) so I'll…

Steve: Not ask him. You make him.

Alexi: (resignedly) All right. I'll make him.

Steve: You're the Ambassador.

Alexi: You know what, people that are good to The Galaxy…you know, we like to steer people in their direction so when he gets here I'll ask him.

Steve: I've played on that Galaxy turf – with you!

Alexi: Yes you have. Very well, I might add. You didn't embarrass yourself…

Steve: Well there was…

Alexi: What, you want to bring it up? (Steve starts laughing) I was told specifically not to bring up the time that you played there and had a wonderful game you were doing great and then you had point-blank shot, no problem, no goalkeeper or anything and…

Steve: There was a goalie there! I just missed an open goal.

Alexi: There was a goalie on the field, (but) there was no goalie between the goal and…well, all right. Whatever. We have video evidence.

Steve: I just did one of my riverdance moves and just completely blew it.

Alexi: I'm not saying it wasn't beautiful. I'm just saying it wasn't really productive in terms of scoring goals…

Steve: People were laughing at me (I was there, no they weren't) But I did play on the…that turf's a bit rough.

Alexi: Oh, don't blame the turf (general laughter).

Steve: It was a bit knobbly.

Alexi: All right. I'll give you that.

Steve: It bounced a little bit.

Alexi: It wasn't the best. We'll try to get it manicured next time you come.

Transcribed by Floratina.

That was a joint Floratina and Chriswas Production for yew...

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