It was nearly 20 years ago ('82 - I believe it was in May) when I got a chance to see The Professionals in town for a show at the Voodoo Club in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Me and a couple of friends who had played together with in a band (lots of Pistols covers) decided to check it out. It wasn't every day when a couple of ex-Pistols were in town.

The Voodoo Club was a dump but then it was also the perfect venue for the show. Capacity was 250 max. The stage was low, putting the boys plenty close to the crowd. The club was jammed.

At about 9 p.m. The Professionals hit the stage. I remember being a little shocked by Steve's appearance, namely the length of his hair &  the fact it appeared he was wearing some sort of makeup.

Without a word, they launched into Little Boys and the place was jumping -- a real sweaty pogofest. The Pros were loud, fast and full of attitude.

"We're not the fuckin' Pistols," Steve shouted at one point after one too many calls for Anarchy in the U.K. Ironically enough, the band then launched into Silly Thing.

No sooner had they started the song, they stopped. Steve looked pissed, mumbled something into the mic and started again. Aside from Silly Thing, the rest of the set was drawn from I Didn't see It Coming as well as 1-2-3.

Some 21 years later, the exact setlist is foggy, but I do remember Kick Down the Doors, Little Boys, Northern Slide, Silly Thing, 1-2-3 and Join The Professionals, the latter being played twice (once in the set and the second as an encore).

Overall, it was a great show -- one of, if not the best I have ever seen. As for me, I was just a self described Steve Jones nut. Never have I seen such a guitarist with such a sense of style...

Richard Hutton, April 2002

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