SEPTEMBER 27th 1981

The Professionals Ticket Daze Of Future Past 1981

The Professionals Ticket Daze Of Future Past 1981

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I thought you may like to share this. I found my ticket stub for the Leeds Daze festival which The Professionals played. I don't think they did many more UK shows. Anyway, I was 16 at the time, a huge Pistols fan but too young to see them before they broke up, so this was my chance. I recall lots of sleeping bags strewn across the Queens Hall (from the Saturday event) and some great stalls selling posters and bootlegs!

When The Professionals came on stage Steve was the recipient of many heckles as he was really the front of the band. I seem to remember lots of cat calls for No Fun and him saying something like "That's what you lot are" (the audience). They played a great set including Silly Thing I think - a long time ago... Keep up the great work on the site!

Andrew J.Brooksbank (August 2010)

Account 2

I was interested to see your recent addition to the site - Andrew's 1981 ticket stub and reminisces from the Leeds Queens Hall show. Hard to believe it was almost thirty years ago but I'm happy to say I was there right down the front as a fifteen year old. I remember on the night there was a lot of speculation that The Professionals wouldn't be playing and I've vague recollections of them having pulled out of a previous Leeds show at Brannigan's or somewhere.

One of my strongest memories from the night is of watching the stage being cleared of what I thought was another dreadful band's gear (Classic Nouveaux?) and then seeing a bespectacled, greased-back haired roadie in a sleeveless shirt (looked like Johnny Green from The Clash) wheel on a Fender Twin Reverb with "SEX PISTOLS GUITAR HERO" scribbled on the front. I couldn't believe it. The rest is a blur. I can only remember it in flashes - close-ups of Steve Jones' brand-new looking suede loafers, his massive hair, a lot of magnificent sounding noise (but couldn't tell you which songs they played) and the odd glimpse of Paul Cook.

I know Jones played a white Les Paul with stickers but couldn't swear it was the original. Afterwards I climbed on top of a huge barrier separating the crowd from the backstage area and Steve Jones waved at me! I was delirious on the bus home to Dewsbury that night and bored my mates at school the next day. Me and some mates had just started a band at that point and our second drummer, from 1985 onwards (Steve Curran), was the drum tech on the last two Pistols tours.

All the best Simon Mooney (September 2010)

Daze of Future Past Set List (Submitted by Mark HMP 07)
Little Boys In Blue
Just Another Dream
All The Way
Too Far To Fall
Silly Thing
The Magnificent
Join The Professionals
Northern Slide


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Ticket submitted to by Andrew J.Brooksbank.
Autographed ticket submitted by Simon Mooney

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